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Thread: Problems sharing internet connection

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    gabrio Guest

    Default Problems sharing internet connection

    helloi have zone alarm pro with the following setup: main computer which has 2 network cards, one is connected to the dsl modem and one is connected to a switch and then i have a laptop which is connected to the switch.. now i have installed on both computers zone alarm pro and i am going nuts having internet connection shared... can somebody give me an easy 1-2-3 on how to do that? shouldn't be hard.thanksgabrio

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    Default Re: Problems sharing internet connection


    Have you seen the following thread?

    Hopefully it will solve your problem, if not PLEASE post back, Thanks.


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    dapperdan Guest

    Default Re: Problems sharing internet connection

    Hi...I am having this issue...did all the things you said in the link but still no go ....any more suggestions?



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    fedupwithjunk Guest

    Default ICS working but Internet security is reduced?

    I have finally got my laptop sharing the broadband connection on my home PC.

    I have a netgear wireless access point and ZA free. (therfore no settings for ICS)

    I had added all the ip adresses of all my kit and the DNS to the the trusted zone but still could not get any internet access on the laptop.

    File sharing was working fine.

    ICS was installed correctly (turn ZA off and hey presto laptop shared the PCs internet connection without trouble)

    Finally I reduced the Internet zone security to medium and it now works.

    ZA docs seem to indicated I am now visible but still protected - anyone know better?

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