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    My ZoneAlarm OS firewall is telling me that WGA is trying to read and/or modify my physical memory. My microsft products are genuine and have already been checked by microsoft when I go and do an Microsoft update. WHY is this trying to happen everytime I start my computer and what does ZoneAlarm think I should do? I thought the new version of WGA did not "phone home" daily? I will continue to block it until I have some more knowledge on what is going here. Can anyone help?
    "SOME PRAISE HERE" I love how ZoneAlarm really does tell you about whats going on in the backround!! I love it!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    Microsoft updated their WGA a little over a month ago in which it should not phone home as much. Try running Windows update to get the very latest version of WGA and the nagging should stop. Latest version is 1.5.0540.


    ZA Pro-NOD32-Ewido Anti-spyware

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    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.1
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    WGA is comprised of two components. The first, dubbed WGA Validation, determines whether the version of Windows on which its running is legitimate. The second component, WGA Notifications, displays annoying alerts on pirated Windows copies and provides a way for the user to pay for a legitimate copy of Windows.Microsoft finally changed WGA in mid-June 2006 so that it wouldn't phone home every single time a PC rebooted, which is how frequently it had been doing so. Now, WGA will still send back piracy data to Microsoft the first time it tests a system, and then it will only sporadically phone home after that,when it does this you will get an alert fron ZA that WGA is trying to read and alter memory,therer is really nothing one can do but allow it,as it will return almost instantly even when you deny it this action.

    Other then allowing it there are ways to stop WGA and disable it,but all these hacks are that Hacks,and some may mess up your system,so if your copy is legit just allow MS to spy on you.

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    Yep, WGA is LEGAL spyware.

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    Thanks everyone for the help!

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