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    sarahcundy Guest

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    Hi everyone.Was sitting on my computer the other day when a contact messaged me saying how they couldnt see my display picture.Realising that I couldnt see any of my contacts pics I had a look at all the settings on messenger (in the options bit) and nothing had changed.All of a sudden I've lost the ability to see any contact pictures and for anyone to see mine.This happened on my MSN Messenger too,which is why I downloaded Windows Live.Can anyone help out?I emailed the customer services and they told me to look on my Zone alarm settings.I did what they said and it still does not work (I changed IM settings and ticked the program control so that all the boxes for IM were green).I've had the same Zone Alarm edition and MSN messenger since I bought my laptop and I've never had this problem before.Many thanks.Sarah

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    ai_tak Guest

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    This is a bug in the IM checking feature of ZASS (which happens even if that setting is off), there is noofficial fix for this bug yet. There is an unofficial way to fix it by editing an xml file.

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