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Thread: Strange DNS lookups

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    Default Strange DNS lookups

    Hi, I am running ZoneAlarm 6.1.737.000 (free) under Windows XP SP2. I see some strange DNS lookup behaviour I don't understand. I cleared my list of programs in ZA. Then when I start a program which asks for internet access, I expect ZA to pop up a 'new program' screen indication the destination IP and protocol/port used. Indeed this happens, but strangely enough there are DNS queries to IP addresses other than
    our network
    DNS server. Let's say I update my McAfee virusscanner. After this I start AdAware, and use its update function. Then I see a DNS query initiated by AdAware to the IP address of McAfee!!
    I think the only DNS queries I ever should see are to my network DNS server(s), never to other machines. Is this correct?
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    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.0

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    Default Re: Strange DNS lookups

    Some programs have their DNS servers preprogrammed into them. Basically you have no control over them.
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    Default Re: Strange DNS lookups

    It's not it...

    I'm seeing the same exact problem...

    Basically, whenever and app is NOT set to for internet zone access, ZA pops up a message about asking to allow the app for DNS lookup from the previously accessed IP address.

    Best way to do it is with ping.

    ping, ZA asks for DNS permission to some odd address (not your own set DNS, nor google's)
    ping, ZA asks for DNS permission to address
    ping, ZA asks for DNS permission to address

    And so on...

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