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Thread: Drwatson Postmortem Debugger

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    warfulc Guest

    Default Drwatson Postmortem Debugger

    Is this application harmful to my pc ? thanks

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    Default Re: Drwatson Postmortem Debugger

    No it is not as it is part of the Windows Operating System.
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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Drwatson Postmortem Debugger

    As NNARD said it is part of the OS.Dr. Watson (Drwtsn32.exe) is installed in your system folder when you set up Windows. The default options are set the first time Dr. Watson runs, which can be either when a program error occurs or when you start Dr. Watson yourself.When a program error occurs in Windows, the system searches for a program error handler. A program error handler deals with errors as they arise during the running of a program. If the system does not find a program error handler, the system verifies that the program is not currently being debugged and considers the error to be unhandled. The system then processes unhandled errors by looking in Registry Editor for a program error debugger,which in Windows case id Dr.Watson.

    If for some reason you are seeing Dr.Watson many times over and over,this could mean the specific program or application it is popping up for is either corrupted or just simply broken,it may need to be reinstalled,to rectify these error messages.

    Dont get me wrong Dr.Watson can be used for nefarious reasons,due to a virus,trojan,spyware,make sure your system is clean if you are dealing with many errors from the great Windows DR.

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    warfulc Guest

    Default Re: Drwatson Postmortem Debugger

    Thank you for the information but i am still stuck on what i should do, i am only 14 years of age but i dont know if i should allow it into the system or deny it.

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Drwatson Postmortem Debugger

    it wont harm anything if you simply deny it any access.

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