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Thread: Dialog keeps coming up, even though I always allow it

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    ulillillia Guest

    Default Re: Dialog keeps coming up, even though I always allow it

    My main worry for using this is that $35 fee for getting support. This fee drops my motive from a high-single-digit positive value* to a mid-double-digit negative value* for using that method. Are you absolutely sure there is no fee for using this (if I paid this fee, it'd bounce due to insufficient funds). I wouldn't know what category to use either as Zonealarm Pro is causing quite a few issues:

    1. A program dialog keeps coming up, despite reinstalling everything (including Windows, device drivers, etc., due to getting a new hard drive) and resetting the database, the program dialog keeps coming up at most once every 2 days, but sometimes (though rare), twice a day.
    2. Startup takes 3 to 4 minutes instead of the more usual 1 minute, with a constant lag of nothing happening at all.
    3. Sometimes I'm completely unable to connect to the internet, as if I my internet has been unplugged (but restarting the computer fixes this - occurs about 2 in every 9 startups). This often happens before Zonealarm Pro, but would require not using the internet at all for at least 4 hours - this is happening as soon as the computer finishes booting up. I recently (just yesterday) had a case where I had to reboot twice in order to get connected again.

    I have only one lead so far, but a big one:
    The free version of Zonealarm never had any of these issues at all. But, the exact moment I installed Zonealarm Pro after buying it, this all started happening. This leaves it to Zonealarm Pro being faulty in some form.

    If I run into one more of the three issues I'm having with Zonealarm Pro, I'm going to uninstall it in full as best as I can, and install the free version to see if these issues go away.

    * The actual numbers are -28 due to that fee, but +7 without it, a difference of 196 (they use a logarithmic scale).

    Edit: I forgot to mention that my dad's computer, running at the same time as mine and transferring things (while I can't), works just fine, but then again, he doesn't have any Zonelabs product installed (and knowing license agreements, only one installation is allowed per paid license, so I can't test install it on his computer). Even though his computer can connect and transfer things just fine when mine can't due to issue number 3, both computers have been able to transfer in the past (and present if issue 3 doesn't occur).

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    jarvis Guest

    Default Re: Dialog keeps coming up, even though I always allow it

    Email support is free for users of all the paid-for ZA products. It may take a few email exchanges for them to stop offering solutions such as "Clean un-install / re-install". But eventually they escalate your problem to more thorough investigation.

    By the way, I just looked at your screen-shot again. Is that a Norton Internet Security icon in your system tray? If so, you shouldn't be running 2 software firewall products at the same time or you are almost guaranteed to have conflicts. You mention a very slow start-up time and periodic failure to connect to the internet? I would suspect that interaction between the two firewalls could be causing that.

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    ulillillia Guest

    Default Re: Dialog keeps coming up, even though I always allow it

    I've had Norton Internet Security running for a long time with the free version of Zonealarm and never had any problems with it. I've had NIS for about 7 months now, Zonealarm Pro for about 45 days. Before Zonealarm Pro, I had the free version of Zonealarm for several years (dating back to something like 2002 or something, when I had Windows 98 SE), covering two subscriptions' worth in time (this one and a full one) and never had a single problem with having two firewalls running. Adding in a lot of gradual hardware changes (upgrades), and reinstalling everything about 3 or 4 times during all that time (15 months!) I've had two firewalls, not a single problem came up. That includes updates to both programs and Windows itself. All those changes and not one problem occurred anywhere near as bad as this (just minor ones such as the router having to get reset or my old, previous hard drive making strange noises). Then, as soon as I got Zonealarm Pro, it all started going haywire.

    If I disable the firewall for NIS, Norton would complain about it being disabled and would beg me to reenable it so what am I supposed to do?

    Other issues I've recently thought of as well, starting ever since I got Zonealarm Pro (but not while I had the free version of Zonealarm):

    1. Images in some forums refused to load. When I right-click on it select "view image", it says that the image cannot be displayed because it contains errors and it never refreshed.
    2. Attachments in one particular forum were always giving me a code 403 (forbidden) making it impossible to view any attached files, whether simple images I've uploaded myself or a TXT or ZIP file. No one else was having this trouble and other forums allowing attachments never had this trouble.
    3. My webhost's E-mail web-based system was either very slow loading or it would just suddenly stop and I'd have to click the link 2 to even 4 times to get it to load taking in excess of one minute just to read a small 1 KB message. Once this was cleared, it began working just fine for a few more days until....
    4. Just recently, out of nowhere, I'm completely unable to access my webhosts web-based E-mail system. When I log in, whether using the correct username and password or a deliberate false one, all I get is a completely blank page and, for 4 days now, no matter how many times I refresh the page or even browse through my browser's history, it refuses to get any further. I even cleared the cache, cleared the cookies for that particular thing (and even all cookies (causing me to log into everything again)), and I still can't access it. The help desk isn't helping either so I'm now beginning to suspect Zonealarm Pro being at fault. Unlike issue number 2, I cannot view any messages or even see my inbox or the such, only the login screen. This issue is probably related to it.

    All of these cases went away after 7 days, except the last one where it's still ongoing. Given that I can't access my webhosts' E-mail system, the E-mail I used to register my copy of Zonealarm with when I bought it. Since I only have my Hotmail E-mail left, often rejected by many companies, it's currently my only way of replying to and sending any E-mails. Thankfully I set up automatic forwarding to my Hotmail E-mail for my webhost's E-mail so I can at least see the messages, but I can only reply to them in my Hotmail E-mail. Since E-mail addresses like those from Hotmail are often rejected or ignored, the e-mail option isn't feasible, at least for, given the trends I've experienced, another 4 days.

    As I see it, by having multiple firewalls, the security is increased. Pretend there are ten types of attacks, the numbers zero through nine. Firewall A blocks 0, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9. Firewall B blocks 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 9. If attacked with 3, firewall A would block it and since it doesn't get to B, I'm safe in this case. If attacked with 7, firewall A wouldn't block it, but firewall B does so I'm safe there. If attacked with 8, neither firewall blocks it so I get the full brunt of the attack. However, rather than 10 such attacks available with so many security holes, it's close to 100,000 (probably more) with maybe a few hundred weak points (like 300). Put 2 firewalls together, rather than 300 security holes, it'd be probably about 5. I've read in other places that you should have multiple spyware scanners as some don't cover everything and by having multiple spyware scanners (not running in realtime), you can overlap any differences. I have four spyware scanners installed, the newest being Zonealarm Pro. NIS is one running in real time. Spybot S&D as well as Adaware don't run in real time and are manually called. I thought the same thing applied to firewalls as well, considering that the free version of Zonealarm has been working in harmony with NIS for 15 months without any problems. Since I then started a small business (for selling my 2D game) and thought, knowing license agreements with many free versions of proprietary software, I "had" to upgrade so I went with Zonealarm Pro. I even dumped IE and went with Firefox to further enhance the security (even though FF seems to use over 120 MB memory (I've had this ever since I got it in late 2004)).

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    jarvis Guest

    Default Re: Dialog keeps coming up, even though I always allow it

    Too bad you've had ZAPro for over 30 days, you could have got a refund for it. I'm also surprised that ZAPro didn't complain about NIS being installed when you tried to install ZA and demand that NIS be un-installed first.

    You're on the right track having several spyware scanners with only ONE of them running in the background doing on-access scanning. You can do the same with AVs but it's difficult to find ones that don't do on-access scanning. E.g. there is the McAfee command-line scanner that comes FREE inside their "SuperDAT" updates (correction, USED to be!).

    It doesn't really work that well to have multiple firewalls because by definition they both have to be running to be effective. Both will add low-level drivers to the system so they get to halt processes while they prompt you for permission, etc. They may both also add Layered Service Providers (LSPs) which intercept and filter network traffic. You also have to configure access for any program in both firewalls. This would be a PITA for me in any case.

    And how do you configure the components of one firewall in the control section of the other one? Don't you get alerts like "Truevector Internet Monitor" wants to listen on port 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, .... 65535 do you want to allow this?

    Basically there's no point attempting to get help from either ZoneLabs or Symantec as both would tell you to remove the other one's product as they will conflict with eachother. Anyone on this forum will tell you the same thing.

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    ulillillia Guest

    Default Re: Dialog keeps coming up, even though I always allow it

    I've otherwise had to install Zonealarm several times (from updates or having to reinstall Windows for some reason) and it never complained about NIS running. Zonealarm Pro doesn't have anti-virus software so I have to have Norton installed for anti-virus. Although I do have the older Norton System Works (versions 2002 and 2004 - very old), the subscription expired long ago. Having to buy another subscription for NSW seems pointless given the NIS subscription still has a good 160 days left, almost a half year. By buying NSW again, would I have the 365-day subscription or will the current 160 be added onto the 365 (or would I have to contact Symantec for that)?

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    jarvis Guest

    Default Re: Dialog keeps coming up, even though I always allow it

    Yeah, I would ask Symantec about it. But considering that SystemWorks and NIS are different products presumably costing different prices, I would imagine the answer would be no!

    If SystemWorks does not include any internet security bits, then that and NIS might continue to co-exist on your system, each with its own expiry date. But if SystemWorks includes NIS, I would imagine you'll lose the 160 days.

    Again, ask Symantec because I'm just guessing now!

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    ulillillia Guest

    Default Re: Dialog keeps coming up, even though I always allow it

    I looked at their contact forms, but have a problem - they require an order number, but I don't have one as I got it from a local store (either OfficeMax or Staples, not sure which). I went here and looked at each of the various forms and they all have the order number as a required field, with one of the forms messed up (having huge, open white space between some of the entries) something I don't have. How else am I supposed to contact them? Just put in some random number into the order number field? It also asks where I got it from, but doesn't mention "local retail store" or anything of the related, but this isn't a required field. So, what am I supposed to do about this? It's strange how they don't require an E-mail address (of which my webhost's E-mail is still down, but on the webhost's end rather than being caused by ZA Pro)....

    Lately, during the last 3 days, I haven't had any of these dialogs or the slow startup or the other issues.

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