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    pettenna Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm.xml

    ZoneAlarm Pro version 6.5.722.000
    "Error: Can not access this file. ZoneAlarm.xml" when trying to update the program.

    I've seen the other messages about this file and the solution of doing a clean uninstall.

    I tried to use the automated support, but it isn't working. Does it ever? Is there any way of letting ZoneLabs know about this error (I'm guessing they don't bother to read the forum messages), short of paying for a support call?

    I suppose I will have to do the clean uninstall, but what a PITA! I've done a lot of customizing over the past couple of years and don't relish repeating it. Has anyone found an easier solution?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    pettenna Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm.xml

    Well, I thought "If I'm going to have to do a clean uninstall anyway, I might as well try some experiments first." So I renamed ZoneAlarm.xml to ZoneAlarm.BAKxml. I had to do that in Windows safe mode. After restarting Windows, I tried an update of ZA, and it clearly did something, but did eventually give an error. So it looked like a failure, but I restored the original name to ZoneAlarm.xml (why not?) and tried again. It worked! Now when I request an update, I get an "Update Progress" box, and after a few seconds it says "task finished" and below that a message showing a green ball with a white check mark in it and it says "System Up to date." Now my questions is: can i trust this? My system is still at version 6.5.722.000; is that the latest?

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm.xml

    I like experiments. Seems you got one to work for you and like you said, if you're going to do a 'clean' uninstall, why not. To answer your question...yes, you do have the latest release.

    For future reference, you can get free help from Zone Labs Technical Support . It usually takes up to 24 to 36 hours for an answer.

    You also said you could not get instant support to work. Did you mean you could not get a helpful answer or it would not load? If it was the later, try manually entering into your Zone Alarm Privacy > Site List. Now locate the site you just entered on the Site List, right click on it and select 'options'. Next go through all three tabs to uncheck everything and click 'apply' as you go through each tab. Now clean your browser cache and try the site again.

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    pettenna Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm.xml

    Instant support gave an error message and told me to try again later. Later didn't work either. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it a try!

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    pettenna Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm.xml

    Yes, it worked. Had to do one more step: allow Firefox popups from Zonelabs.

    Sometimes this security business gets a bit intrusive, but better safe than sorry. I've been on the internet forever, and never a virus or worm (knock on forehead). Thanks, Bill!

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm.xml

    You are welcome.

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