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    timfxf Guest

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    I'm getting a ZA Security Alert... "MessageApp MFC Application is trying to access the Internet"
    Identification: None
    Application: DAMon.exeThe properties say the file is in C:\Program Files\Dell\Support\Alert\bin.Is this Dell trying to phone home, or is it an Evil Doer? (Or none of the above.) So far I've been denying it until I can find out what it is.Thanks!

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    billc Guest

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    It is not an evil doer, it is a valid Dell application. Periodically it will attempt to connect to Dells servers across the internet. Everything I know about it suggest damon.exe is NOT appear to be a security risk but could be a pain. Some security forums suggest may cause problems with your system and so should be uninstalled using Add/Remove programs. For now, I'd just go to your Zone Alarm Program Control > Programs and put red x's next to the application under 'Access'.

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    timfxf Guest

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    That was what I thought. Many thanks.

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