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Thread: "Apply This Setting To All . . . etc" - But ZAPro Fails To Remember This Instruction!

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    kshaky Guest

    Default "Apply This Setting To All . . . etc" - But ZAPro Fails To Remember This Instruction!

    I've been using ZA products in various guises on bothWin2000 &WinXP OS'sfor over 4 years now,without any 'problems' whatsoever. . . 'til now! Since I installed the last update [zapSetup_65_722_000_en],ZAPro hasdeveloped a terminal case of amnesia.

    I fully understandthat afterupdate installations the Smart Defense Advisor will 'flag' most applications again as you open each ofthemfor the first time (i.e.since the update), and in the past I've simply checked the "Apply this setting to all suspicious behaviours exhibited by this application" box;clicked "Accept",andI've never been troubled by the pop-up dialog box in relation to that particular applicationfrom thereon in. Since the last update, however,I have to go through this process every time I open the relevant program . . . again and again, ad infinitum.

    I run two independentlylicensed copies ofZAPro installations [One on my Home PC, and one on my PC at work], and it's exactly the same on both machines.

    One of the mainreasonsthis'niggles'is this:Every time I switch on the PC I have to stand and watch so that I candeal with everySmart Defense dialog box that appearsas each 'background running'applicationstarts upwithWindows, i.e. Pest Patrol; MSN Messenger; AVG; MailWasher Pro etc -If I don't, the start up procedure is paused as soon as the first program tries to load itself . . . until I physically check the box to allow it to do so!

    I've tried adjusting the "Trust Level" & "Access" options within Program Control, without too much success to date,but I'venever had to go to these additional lengths before in all the years that I've beeninstalling updates toZA products. Could it be that there was a bug or a slight flaw in the last update.exe file[zapSetup_65_722_000_en] that wasdistributed? Has anybody else had similar issues,following the aforementioned update in particular? Could Zone Labs issue a Fix?

    Any light that anyone can shed on this matterwill be gratefully appreciated, especially as it's been gnawing away at my sanity since early June!! - Over to you guys then . . .


    Kev' - Surrey,UK.

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: "Apply This Setting To All . . . etc" - But ZAPro Fails To Remember This Instruction!

    Hi!! And welcome to the ZA users forum!
    Seems like the ZA database has become corrupted.

    Enter the PC in the Safe Mode and open the Internet Folders in the WINDOWS directory and delete the IAMDB.RDB and the BACKUP.RDB files. Do the disk clean and reboot. The ZA will appear as it was first installed and the problem should be fixed.

    Take care and have a great weekend!

    Best regards.

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    kshaky Guest

    Default Re: "Apply This Setting To All . . . etc" - But ZAPro Fails To Remember This Instruction!

    Hi there Oldsod,and thanks very muchforyour "Welcome" . . . Not to mention your advice of course.

    I will of course bear that advice in mind if I shouldneed to return to an alternative set of thinkingfollowing my current course of'experimenting' - Please allow me to explain . . .

    Following my'posting' I returned to theForum's indexpage to check that it was displaying correctly etc, when what should I see directly above my publication? . . . A post from Jarvis,which seemed to be addressing the very problem that I'd just spent an hour or so compiling a 'digital ramble' for in my first'virginity breaking'Zone Labs User Forum post - How dumb do you think I felt?!! (BTW, it has to be some sort of a testimony to ZL's products that my virginity had remained intact for approx 4 years,after first installing the free version of Zone Alarm . . . and subsequently convincing loads of my friends and acquaintances to do the same, most of whom still use a Zone Alarm product of some description!).

    Anyway, after reading through Jarvis's post I listed the programs that were 'flagging up' all the time, and then Iheaded off back to the Program Control settings. I changed the relevant 'Auto' settings to 'Custom' (Just in relation to Pest Patrol initially . . . after all,why run before you can barely stand up?!); re-booted my PC and went through the process of checking allthe "Remember this setting" boxes again; re-booted again . . . and so farit seems as though I'm well on my way to having 'tamed'the Smart Defense Advisor - But don't hold your breath, I've stepped down this avenue of problem solving with PC's before now . . . and then been smacked in the face with a brick wall when I've least expected it! , only time will tell.

    I shall nowcontinue in my quest to totally resolve my 'pop-up issues', with my WMP blasting out Pink Floyd (A somewhatbelated tribute session on my partto the memory ofgood ol' Syd Barrett!), and I'll let y'all know if and when I've totally 'cracked it'.

    Thanks again to all concerned, i.e Oldsod & Jarvis - Enjoy the rest of your weekends' too!


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    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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