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Thread: Incoming connections from "anyware"

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    Well I guess I have learned something. I disabled the DNSClient (services.exe) and the messages disappeared for svchost wanting to accept incoming from "anyware". Now ... those same connections are trying to come to firefox and eudora each time they go on line etc. ... I also disabled some others listed in a listing of "MAJORGeeks". ... And ... I have just reactived DNSClient, and the same messages are back in ZA. So obviously it is DNS connected.

    What advantage (if any) is there in leaving this open all the time? I don't seem to have had any problems connecting with those two anyware address blocked from services.exe.

    What is the difference between services.exe and svchost.exe?


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    DNS Client is to be set to Manual, if it is altered. It is svchost.exe -k Netwrok Services. Check the properties of the DNSClient. The services.exe is not the same as the Services of Windows.

    Have the DNS servers been entered into the ZA Zones section as Trusted? Has the router address been entered into the ZA Zones as Trusted? Has the DNS servers been aded to the NIC or the DHCP server or the gateway?

    Best regards.

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    Well ... my ISP finally got back to me ... they actually phoned ... to let me know that the two addresses I questioned are both legitimate DNS servers, and should be allowed access through the firewall. So I have added them to the trusted zone ... for now. ... I still don't see why they need to contact my machine from the outside up to 40 times an hour, but I guess I'll observe and scan frequently and see what happens.

    Forgot to mention ... there are a couple of other addresses that are called FROM services.exe or svchost.ext which are also DNS servers, which were already in the trusted zone -- & 198

    Thanks for your help.


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