Noticed a strange behavior with the recent release. I'll get an alert for some security warning. I'll click onremember this setting and allow. Then couple minutes later in the same desktop session I'll restart the program andI'll get the same warning which I again click on remember this setting and allow. The "remember this setting" doesn't seem to work. I can understand if there has been a program software update but I can verify that there hasn't been any updates.Another annoyance with the recent release is that I'll get a security alert which I'll process but the security alert is also copied to any users (such as my wife) that has "switched user" out. If my wife re-logins in, she see all of the security alerts that have appeared on my desktop even though she hasn't accessed those programs. She then has to go get me and look through each alert and separately process them.Any clues? This behavior has definitely beenintroduced in the newer releases, say the last two releases.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.5