Hi,this is my First post here!...& i'm supoosedly already in trouble!
I am a complete NOOB at computer & particularly computer security!
I recently (2 weeks back) installed Zone Alarm Pro(6.5.737.000)due 2 good security reviews on the NET!

.......everything is Working(apparently all right) but i m currently getting a SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOUR Alert from ZA pro,from JAVA(TM)2 Suspicious Behaviour, of which i 'm posting a screenshot!


Though i'm NOT allowing it/ always denying it,but it is bothering me VERY FREQUENTLY!!!

So,Now,all i m asking,what is this program that is asking for the permission i.e what it this JAVA2 trying 2 do & why is it asking for permission???
&More Importantly,what should i do >>> "ALLOW" or "DENY" permission???

Im currently using Mcafee Antivirus along with Spyware Doctor as other security programs(along with ZA pro as mentioned b4))
also 2 mention using Win Xp (sp2) & firefox

So,plz anybody can help me!
I would b much greatful!!!