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Thread: JAVA(TM)2 Suspicious Behaviour!

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    malware_victim Guest

    Default JAVA(TM)2 Suspicious Behaviour!

    Hi,this is my First post here!...& i'm supoosedly already in trouble!
    I am a complete NOOB at computer & particularly computer security!
    I recently (2 weeks back) installed Zone Alarm Pro(6.5.737.000)due 2 good security reviews on the NET!

    .......everything is Working(apparently all right) but i m currently getting a SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOUR Alert from ZA pro,from JAVA(TM)2 Suspicious Behaviour, of which i 'm posting a screenshot!


    Though i'm NOT allowing it/ always denying it,but it is bothering me VERY FREQUENTLY!!!

    So,Now,all i m asking,what is this program that is asking for the permission i.e what it this JAVA2 trying 2 do & why is it asking for permission???
    &More Importantly,what should i do >>> "ALLOW" or "DENY" permission???

    Im currently using Mcafee Antivirus along with Spyware Doctor as other security programs(along with ZA pro as mentioned b4))
    also 2 mention using Win Xp (sp2) & firefox

    So,plz anybody can help me!
    I would b much greatful!!!


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    joao_pt Guest

    Default Re: JAVA(TM)2 Suspicious Behaviour!

    I have that program in my ZA program list. I granted "Access" to the both "Trusted" and "internet" zone because it's just the Java Update Checker... It may be a legitimate procedure, Java is just trying to launch the program that checks for updates... And you have anti-spyware/virus programs, so you shouldn't be infected...

    But if I was you, I would go to the control pannel, and clicked the Java icon. On the updates tab I would untick the box (so that it doesn't look for updates) and this should kill the alerts (since it will no longer look for updates). If not, MAYBE it's a spyware acting in the background.

    Just an advice from another user of ZA

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    malware_victim Guest

    Default Re: JAVA(TM)2 Suspicious Behaviour!

    Thanks Joao_PT,but is the JAVA update absolute necessary??

    Btw, any more other ideas anyone ???

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    joao_pt Guest

    Default Re: JAVA(TM)2 Suspicious Behaviour!

    It should be updated, like Windows for example. On the new version they solve some problems that could be exploited by malware/spyware/ad-ware, so you should keep your java updated. The latest version is (just in case you may check if it's yours). Another thing you can do is un-install the Java Console, wait for a day of two to see if the alerts repeat (that is, if a malware is the "owner" of that exe file) and if not just go to the Java site and download the lastest version. The versions from the oficial site are suposed 100% virus/malware/spyware/ad-ware free, so just see if with this new version you get the same alerts. if that's so, then it's just normal behavior of the program...

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