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    firewallprobs Guest

    Default events log message

    In my events log under programs it shows
    Rating high
    type repeat program
    program c:\program files\zone labs\zone alarm\zlclient.exe
    Destination 209..........
    direction outgoing
    action taken allowed
    destination DNS

    In my program control I have zlclient.exe on ask with the question marks and it has never asked for permision yet. So I am alitle bewildered when I see this in my log.I googled but it came up with trojan, normal process, spyware just about everything so was still no wiser. Have scaned and rescaned with various programs but have all come back clean. Does anyone know what it is and why it just allowed it??

    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    firewallprobs Guest

    Default Re: events log message

    What problems will arise if I just block zlclient.exe? I have blocked it for now and It has blocked alot of stuff mainly to my DNS number but it also wanted to send stuff to alot of other strange places. Still would like to know why it sent stuff without asking when it was not set to allow

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