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Thread: After YEARS, "Smart Defense Advisor" Is Still Clueless!

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    nbeach Guest

    Default After YEARS, "Smart Defense Advisor" Is Still Clueless!

    For many years using Zone Alarm, and Zone Alarm Pro, and seeing literally hundreds of "Smart Defense Advisor" popups, NEVER has one ever indicated anything else but "No further information is available...". I've watched those popups wondering when, if ever, a database was going to be installed and linked to the particular popup with that mysterious further information, but even when reinstalling programs from several years back which first caused a "Smart Defense Advisor" popup, the "new" popup is still uninformative. One would think after years, information would appear!
    Even certain Windows Critical Updates that instigate "Smart Defense Advisor" popups never have anything indicated other than "No further..." Is this a feature that was never developed, but its initial artifact left in the utility? Has anyone ever gotten more details on a warning?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: After YEARS, "Smart Defense Advisor" Is Still Clueless!

    Best regards.

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    tim_t Guest

    Default Re: After YEARS, "Smart Defense Advisor" Is Still Clueless!

    lol yea I've noticed that too, even for common-place programs this "Smart" advisor ain't so smart. Seems rather pointless.

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    nbeach Guest

    Default Re: After YEARS, "Smart Defense Advisor" Is Still Clueless!

    I really think it is sad that there is no response from ZoneLabs on this, and all we get from a "Guru" is a "LOL". I don't think it is funny. I've been a stalwart advocate of ZoneAlarm from the very beginning (back when you could actually get a live person on the phone at the old headquarters, south of Market St., in SF)and have "sold" many people on using the utility, both free and paid versions.
    If the mega-corporation that ate Zone Labs isn't going to support this feature and make it useful, the dialog should be eliminated. In its present "clueless" form all it does is denigrate the product and make folks less likely to choose it over the competition [as in "Why should I run ZoneAlarm when it doesn't even know what it going on out there?"].
    In fact, I can't even remember the last time there was ANY useful information in that not-so-smart
    "Smart Defense Advisor". Instead of adding new features year after year, it would seem more beneficial to expound the existing features! At the very least, a link to another information site on the threat could be provided, since ZA evidently can't spare the time to transpose the threat details.

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    jonellt Guest

    Default Re: After YEARS, "Smart Defense Advisor" Is Still Clueless!

    I have the 7.0 Version and after 21 days, it didn't recognize my camera recording program, as well as my remote pc access program.
    It gave an alert that they were "new" causing me to drive for five hours each way to eliminate the alerts, after I was locked out of my remote access.
    I noticed also that when I shut the computer down and back up several times, the alerts kept coming and the security level kept changing from the moderate level that I set, to the high level.
    I finally shut it down th program down.
    I can't take the risk of another five hour drive to deal with zone alarm's defective program.
    Worse yet, when I called and complained that it doesn't perform as advertised, they insisted that I had to have the box to read what the return policy is!
    The web site clearly states that if it doesn't perform designed, the money will be refunded.
    It says nothing about having the box!

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