ZASS 6.1.something (I'm at work, don't recall exact build), Windows XP home -SP2 up to date.including the latest MS$ fixes from the last patch Tuesday we had.
Odd things begun happening yesterday.
1. On bootop vsmon had trouble starting, DrWatson ran, vsmon again in trouble, but finally went in very late. This has never happened before.
2. DrWatson ran when I closed a WindowsExplorer (explorer.exe) this has never happened before, well, maybe once years ago
3. For the first time ever for me, AV/AS update failed, stopped midstream, and another DrWatson job ran.
4. Towards the end of the day I got the most unusual alert: "Spam filter is trying to open an existing process".
A trip to Smart advisor did not identify WHOSE Spam filter. ZA one? Bill Gates?
In the ZA log for the day, I see that isafe is being blocked. I didn't block it. isafe is what ZASS uses to manage **bleep** coming in the mail.
Smart Defense says 'spam filter attempted to open another process', the process being ctfmon.
Considering how smoothly things have ran for me for so long I'm totally, totally, baffled. I've NEVER seen this type of trouble.
I know I can take some drastic measures - uninstall, reinstall, clear RDBs, LDBs, chkdisc, scandisc, whatever, but I'd prefer to do it all in a gentler way.
Could someone, please, give me a checklist of things to look at and do, and an orderly procedure? Thanks in advance.

Operating System:
Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:

Edited later: I reinstalled (clean uninstall with /clean switch). As soon as ZA started and connected the internet cable, A/V and A/S needed to run. No problems with A/V update. A/S update stops in the middle with
'unspecified error ... sorry, has to close' , shuts of True Vector, do I want it to restart (YES!!! ASAP). On the third occurence, I saw inside ZA, in the upper right corner "system error, please reboot", so I did. Several lminutes after the reboot, A/V and A/S update wanted to run and the same thing happens. I have never had problems with updates, they just happen. What's going on?

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