Hey everyone,

Recently I think zone alarm has caused my pc to freeze- very often... some examples

Eg 1a (with za running, and no connection):
I hit start, run, msconfig, go to startup tab and remove 'winampagent' then hit ok.

Upon hitting ok- the egg timer comes up- nothing can be done- right click on the taskbar- nothing- hit ctrl alt del- this brings up a 'sus behaviour alert' popup thing- I cannot click the allow or tick the don't remind me of similar etc- nothing--- requires a physical restart- nothing functions!

Eg 1b (Disconnect from net, shutdown za)
Same process- start, run, msconfig etc-
a. msconfig loads considerably quicker
b. clicking ok brings up the restart prompt- all good- works fine.

Basically running things I havnt run for ages or new things often produces a very similar result (not always- just often)

I tried a reinstall of ZA- several reboots later and some tweaking and I was back up and running- however- it made no changes what so ever...

Any ideas?! I really wanna stick with ZA over other apps but its causing me a major headache atm!!


Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5