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Thread: Can't Fix Vsinit.dll validation failed message

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    spicy_monkey Guest

    Default Can't Fix Vsinit.dll validation failed message

    Greetings All!I recently had to re-install Windows because of hangup @ startup. That's when all **bleep** broke loose. I un-installed ZoneAlarm, disabled anything related to it @ start up & I even deleted & replaced the versions I had saved to my computer. When I tried to re-install, I get an error message. I tried the solution from the site here but not in safe mode - my mouse isn't 'present' & my Desktop gets humongus! Anyhoo, I ran msconfig, enabled Startup menu, deleted Zone Labs folders, etc. but when I went to delete the file VSdata95.vxd, I was denied AGAIN! I was able to delete VSutil.dll & VSinti.dll. I then kept going & tried to edit the registry. Got error message that VSdata95 couldn't be deleted. Oh, & for whatever reason I have very limited online access - can get mail/internet spotty. I share internet access w/hubby's laptop. He's wireless, I'm wired w/router - DSL.
    Now what? Help!TIA

    Operating System:Windows 98-SE (Second Edition)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.1

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Can't Fix Vsinit.dll validation failed message

    I think the best thing for you to do is follow the manual uninstall directions found here. . It does require you to boot in the Safe Mode so see if you can give it a go.

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    spicy_monkey Guest

    Default Re: Can't Fix Vsinit.dll validation failed message

    OK, still not able to do in safe mode - same errors occur - no mouse/screen size gets wacky.Went ahead & followed directions - errors occured as noted:-When deleting folders: - Can't delete fwpktlog - access denied

    zlcomm - ditto
    -vsconfig.xml - access denied-vsdata95.vxd - ditto
    After restart, I tried to re-install - error message:Install error - C\Windows\Temp\GLBA1EO.tmpValidation failed for: C:\\Windows\Temp\vsinit.dll
    Now what?TIA

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    Default Re: Can't Fix Vsinit.dll validation failed message

    You probably need to get an external mouse, or print out all the keyboard commands. Also in safe mode you will have to resize the screen so you can see it all.
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