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Thread: Internet Explorer 7 warning message

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    fyigmo Guest

    Default Internet Explorer 7 warning message

    I have been receiving a warning message when opening my IE7 browser that approximately reads: Internet Explorer is attempting to monitor user activities on this could track or log keystrokes, web pages visited, etc., by the user....
    Is this a viable threat to users, or is it a non-threat that can be addressed by tweaking ZoneAlarm?
    I have read through the forum and have found numerous postings that deal with the issue I have described, but I have not read a definitive answer to the question: Is this a viable "threat," or ZA security settings simply set a bit too high?
    I look forward to an enlightened answer...thanks!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Internet Explorer 7 warning message

    Thanks to Guru Oldsod for this -
    .<hr>This is normal. The ZA was just alerting you of what the IE was doing. The IE will access the memory and the keyboard for various things such as Windows Updates or certain site activities. These can be allowed if you wish.

    To eliminate these alerts, you could right click the Internet Explorer in the Program listing and open the Options. Check the first two items listed and the alerts should disappear. The IE will be more of a security risk now, but it will have no more alerts concerning the keylogger. To see what browser are showing to the internet and how the internet is reading the browser and give some ideal about the browser interactions... see browserspy link below...

    Oldsod<hr>As a general theory,
    a pc will track and record everything you do. IE will have a &quot;history&quot; log of places you visit - you can adjust that to a degree, there's auto-fill/auto-complete
    that can keep and track/auto-fill your most often used info., there's a track of some of your keyword searches, etc. , if you've ever gotten &quot;send error report to Microsoft&quot; something had to be recorded,tracked,logged. ZA was doing it's job reporting possible suspicious behavior and IE/Microsoft was doing what it normally does in a pc.<hr>Additional notes: You can set IE - to three green bars- super trust level &gt; Access - two green checks &gt; the rest &quot; ? &quot; = adjust to your taste. The Internet Explorer warning sometimes comes after IE is upgraded or changed/improved with their Microsoft Updates(Microsoft recently had one, and is planning future improvements in IE security); or when you've upgraded ZA versions, even small upgrades.<hr>:0NaiveMelody NYC 5-17-07 - Why can't we live together - Timmy Thomas

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