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Thread: Windows does not see ZoneAlarm Firewall after latest ZA update

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    chrisgcolby Guest

    Default Windows does not see ZoneAlarm Firewall after latest ZA update

    OS = Windows XP Pro
    I'm using the ZoneAlarm Security Suite, version 7.0.337.000
    I only re-boot the computer every week or so.
    When I did a re-boot 3 days ago, I received the Windows prompt that says the ZoneAlarm Firewall is disabled and my computer may be open to attack.
    I checked the ZA Admin GUI, and it appears that the FireWall is running, so I ignored the Windows alert.
    I re-booted again about 1 hour ago, and again I received the Windows prompt that the ZA FireWall is not enabled.
    Again, I checked the ZA GUI, and it appears that it is running.
    Either ZA is wrong, I don't have a FireWall running, and I am thus in danger.
    Or, Windows is wrong, the ZA FireWall is running, and the mechanism of communication between ZA and the OS has been fragged.
    Any clues here?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Windows does not see ZoneAlarm Firewall after latest ZA update

    Yes, there has been an issue with Windows Security center not recognizing ZA; the latest update 7.0.337.00 should have fixed it - maybe not very well. As long as you know your ZA is working - really working - that's what more important. Since this has been an issue in the past
    - I did a quick search - red box at the bottom of the page - and found this - you can try this - by Senior JRosenfeld - [minor edits -NM] This works with Windows 2000/ XP - untested on Vista versions - so far?<hr>As far as ZA is concerned, you could try the following to get Windows security center to recognize ZA, which it ought to
    (preferably off line)In ZA, make sure that in Firewall Main tab&gt; Advanced&gt; General settings&gt; Disable Windows firewall &quot;is checked.&quot;
    Then shut down ZA (right click on tray icon, click shutdown ZoneZlarm.
    In Windows security center, switch on Windows firewall. Security center should show that Windows firewall is on (click chevron next to firewall to read the message). Restart ZA from start, programs. Check in security center whether it recognizes that ZA has come on (ZA will have switched off the Windows firewall when you restart it - automatically).
    If that does not work, but you are happy not to have security center alert you, in security center, on the left click change the way security center alerts me, then uncheck the box for firewall alert.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 10-26-07 - I'll Be Around - The Spinners

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    chrisgcolby Guest

    Default Re: Windows does not see ZoneAlarm Firewall after latest ZA update

    Dear NaiveMelody,
    Thanks for the response.
    I performed the procedure you included, and Windows then recognized the ZA Firewall on ZA re-start.
    Lets see if it all goes okay on a re-boot.
    Again, thanks for the prompt response.
    Chris Colby

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