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    I had a message from ZASS saying my computer is runnig on low virtual memory so ZASS will try to fix the problem. I never had any problem of memory on this computer since I have it with ZASS. The message had a cancel option and that's what i did when I saw it was taking too long.
    Since then, it's like my computer is having no memory at all. The hard drinve is buffing all the time and averything is very very very slow.
    I tried to restore my computer using the windows Retore sw without any success.
    Any idea how to fix my problem ?

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    Virtual Memory and memory are two different things. Memory are chips on a card that is in a slot on your motherboard. Virtual memory is also called a paging file. Your computer treats it like memory chips when the memory installed on your machine gets filled up. The problem is, if you have a smaller HD, or one that is filled up, and you don't have much memory for what you are trying to do, then the paging file is small, and your computer starts slowing down. To fix this problem you need to clean up your harddrive, and see if there are files you can get rid of. CCleaner is a good program for this. If that still doesn't free up much space, then you need to look at the programs you have installed and see if you can remove some of them.If on the other hand, you have a very large harddrive, and you don't have much on it, then you could possible have a virus, Trojan, or other malware installed, and using all your spare space. In this case I would suggest going to either or to read the notices and stickies, post a HJT log, and get some help in cleaning out the malware from your HD. Both places will get you some good help.As for Virtual memory, if you would like some more info on this, take a look here,
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