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Thread: 'IE7 is trying to monitor your computer' alert

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    Default 'IE7 is trying to monitor your computer' alert

    Ever since I upgraded to IE7 I keep getting the OS Firewall alert 'this program is trying to monitor usage of your computer' whenever I start up IE7 and try to type the first URL into the adress bar. What gives and what should I answer?
    I have held off saying 'Remember,
    allow' partly because I remember reading somewhere that doing this stopped ALL alerts about suspicious behaviour from the program involved not just instances of the particular alert. Is this true? And if so why is such a seemingly brain-dead policy adopted?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: 'IE7 is trying to monitor your computer' alert


    These Alerts should have the Remeber and Allow Options applied.

    These will not affect the ZA from confusing them with other IE Alerts (that maybe caused by malware for one example).

    The new IE7 has new features embedded in the Windows OS and this is the reason for appearance of the new popups. There are a few new windows components that the IE uses and this is why there are new alerts.

    The only time I use the IE7- to get window updates or because a safe security site needs the activeX to run an antivirus scanner.

    My IE7 has three green bars, check mark for the Trusted Zone and a Ask (blue question mark) for the Internet Zone. This way if malware does hijack the browser, then I immediately know about it. I just check allow and not the remember for the ZA popup that comes each time when I try to use the IE7. I give the IE7 no server rights for the Trusted or the Internet Zone.

    Using new the FireFox 2.0 or the new the Opera 9.x is safer because: neither are embedded into the Windows OS and any malware cannot enter the Windows OS through the browsers in the way that they can when the IE7 is used.The IE7 still allows for malware to sneakin. Plus neither use ActiveX or VBS and this greatly reduces exploits and trojans. Plus to disable/enable the javascripts and the java is very easily done. Plus the cookie control is even easier than the new IE7. Plus FireFox has great addons to block ads and the Opera has great privacy features even included in the right click of the viewed page.


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    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:5.x
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    Obviously to keep a history of the addresses you have typed (to autocomplete or offer recently typed addresses in the dropdown box), IE 7 needs to monitor what you type in the address bar. If you sdon't want that,turn off autocomplete.

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