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Thread: Program trying to act as server

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    Default Program trying to act as server

    When I get the message, "XXX is trying to act as server", how should I react?

    I get this message with programs such as Komodo, which is a Perl IDE. As a non-techy, I cannot think of any reason why a passive program would want to act as a server.

    I always "Deny", and this never seems to cause problems.

    My non-techy fear is that a hacker could take control of Komodo (as an example), and use it as a server. (For what? Listening for instructions from another computer?)

    Please advise.

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    Default Re: Program trying to act as server

    Yes Denying the Server rights for these is wise.

    Try this> open the Advanced button of the Main of the Program Control and in the Access Permissions tab, in the Server Attempts select "Always deny the connection" in both Trusted and Internet Zones. Click Apply and OK. This will prevent these Alerts from happening.

    Best regards.

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