I just updated ZoneAlarm this morning to version 6.5.737.000. Now, I'm getting an alert that MESSENGER (Windows Live Messenger), WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER (vers. 11), INTERNET EXPLORER (IE7)and CTFMON is attempting to monitor user activities on this computer. If allowed it may try to track or log keystrokes (user input). Mouse movements/clcks web sites visited and other user behaviors
I've denied all.


Question is: Why Messenger or Windows Media player want open CTFMON process?

PS. I am running Office 2003 and it is patched, Win XP SP2 with all current patches applied. Spybot S&D, Windows Defender, Ad-Aware SE and Keylogger Killer can't find anything wrong with the system. I think that the "probable" cause is in the WINDOWS Registry because i've monitored the modules of MESSENGER, WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and CTFMON and the modules of "mother process" EXPLORER.EXE and i think that's OK. Thanks in advance.

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