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Thread: Zone Alarm Pro problem with IE7 and Microsoft Update

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    kdtundra Guest

    Default Zone Alarm Pro problem with IE7 and Microsoft Update

    Good Morning All,
    I have reviewed this issue with previous posts about this issue but with IE6.
    I recieve an error message when running Microsoft Update where access is denied and an error message at the top right indicates "[Error number: 0x80072F76]".
    I have reviewed past posts
    as well as
    reviewed my ZAP settings without finding an error.
    I have also re-inserted under IE7-Tools-Internet Options- Security - Trusted Zone - Sites, the four microsoft updates (windows and offcie via https://) urls without succes of having the update program run or check for updates.
    I have checked under ZAP - Program Control- Program, for Microsoft update when running and I don't see it listed to see if settings are correct.
    Maybe this is the problem?

    Seems to me that I had a similar issue with IE6 and a particulat setting fix was all that was required.

    Thanks in advance.
    Please advise.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    critterjoe Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Pro problem with IE7 and Microsoft Update

    I'm using IE6 and ZAPro 6.1.744.01, so this may or may not help you. You shouldn't have to add anything to the Program Control list in ZoneAlarm. I normally use Windows Update instead of Microsoft Update, but they appear to operate in the same way. When I want to access the Windows Update site and do a manual update, I have to make 2 changes in the Privacy section of zonealarm. I had to add the following two sites to the "site list" tab using the "Add" button in the lower right corner (you have to be connected to the internet when you add them, or ZA will tell you that the sites are not found) : and

    Then by each of those entries I have to put a checkmark in the first column to allow "mobile code". Then I go do my task at the update site. When finished, I usually go back and put an X back where the two checkmarks were. When I update my Office products (Word, etc.) I make sure a checkmark is present for mobile code for and (Microsoft Update, however, may do both a Windows Update and an Office Update in one stop). Once you've done this, these sites will remain listed in the Privacy section, so you shouldn't have to add them the next time you do updates; just enable the mobile code for them again. You must, of course, also allow session cookies for those sites (checkmark in column two).

    As far as your IE settings, also try adding a couple more sites into the Security>Trusted are of your IE 7's internet options, which should be set at Medium when doing a Windows Update. Sounds like you have some of the sites already listed, and the following list may be overkill, but it covers about every possibility:

    and if you do any Office product updating (Word, etc.)
    The latter two are probably not necessary if you use the Microsoft Update site to keep Office updated.

    Also, it may be necessary to include a couple of exceptions to your popup blocker settings that you may have configured in IE. Go to Tools>Internet Options>Privacy tab; for Popup blocker press the "settings" button, and in the new pane you can add and (shouldn't need any http, etc.) Click "Add", then click "Close."

    So after configuring all that, empty out the browser cache, close IE, then open IE again and try your Update again. Hopefully, that will help. Once you get everything set up and working, then each month it's real easy to do the updates.

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    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.1

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Pro problem with IE7 and Microsoft Update

    If Critterjoe's suggestion does not solve, see if some suggestions here help (especially the first link)

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