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Thread: server rights = opens all ports?

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    klate Guest

    Default server rights = opens all ports?

    let me just get one thing straight
    when allowing server rights, which by setting zone alarm on
    HIGH program control and auto asmart defense advisor will allow programs such as limewire & torrent programs to act as servers, is that now opening all of my ports, and zonealarm with let them connect to me if that such program is open?
    does anyone understand what im trying to say?
    by allowing server rights to a p2p program i assume its letting your computer listen for incoming connections which is normal but if someone did connect to my computer from a p2p program flaw, would zonealarm just let it through and not alert me?
    thanks in adv

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: server rights = opens all ports?

    Yes that is correct.By designating ports to be open or by allowing server rights for the Internet Zone that has now created open ports to the internet. The outside conection to the PC are now possible.

    Yes we understand.

    Yes and no. Even though the connections are now accepted from anyone who calls in on those ports and to that particular application, the packets are still inspected. Bad packets will be dropped. Just the headers are not checked.
    No ZA alerts for this because it is what the ZA was basically told to do. In fact all software firewalls will do the same.

    I prefer the Peer Guardian, even thouh the occassion reinstall of the drivers is required and altering the filter list is harder to do than in the Peer Guardian.I do not do any P2P , but use it just as a site blocker for spyware, trojan, ad, favorite list of detested sites and BLDNS. 1.6 billion sites are blocked in total.


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