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Thread: explorer.exe Mail alert Question

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    njsammy Guest

    Default explorer.exe Mail alert Question

    Hi everyone ..I get an alert that explorer.exe is trying to send too many emails like 5 in 2 seconds etc.
    I can turn off the alert but am curious if anyone else had this problem and what the solution was ... thanks in advance

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    Default Re: explorer.exe Mail alert Question

    Unless you are actually sending out these emails deliberately, you may have some malware doing it in the background, sending out spam or malware emails using your contacts list. If so, scan your PC with one or other antimalware software, such as Superantispyware, Spybot S&D, etc.

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    njsammy Guest

    Default Re: explorer.exe Mail alert Question

    Thanks JR ... I'll give it a try .. appreciate the reply

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