Alright, i registered here just so i could maybe get a solution to my problem. When i boot up my computer and login to my XP username it runs VERY slow. when i go to my task manager i find that a program called vsmon.exe use 70-99% processing capacity. this .exe is being run by "SYSTEM" and therefore i can not end it inside task manager. when i was reading a few other posts a found out that this was Zone Alarm's firewall program. About 5 minutes after i boot up windows crashes and all my desktop icons, windows and the taskbar on bottom vanish leaving only my background. after about 5-10 seconds everthing poops back up and the vsmon.exe file use only about 3% processing capacity. I found the file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\ZoneLabs along with a whole slew of .dll files. Upon further reading of other posts i discovered that many people have the same problem but with one noticeable difference - they have a version of Zone Alarm and i do not, never have, and probably never will. My question is as follows: How can i fix this comp starting and crashing problem without removing the file (which would probably create a new group of errors) and do i actually need this folder (i have anti spyware, anti virus, and a firewall/router combo) for my computer to stay safe whie on the internet?

if this info is needed:
Main browser: Firefox (latest version)
Windows XP (not sure what kind)
Firewall: eTrust personal firewall
Anti virus: eTrust anti virus with ocassional AVG scan

if you can plz help me because this bug is getting REALLY annoying