hi folks,
is there a conflict between ZoneAlarm (I'm running the latest free version) and the current set of windows patches? I'm running Windows XP Home Edition on a laptop.

After getting the update yesterday, I can not start windows properly without disabling zonealarm. After starting the computer, an error box "vsmon.exe failed to execute" appeared at the logon prompt.
After logging on, the only thing displayed was the windows desktop background (no icons, start menu, etc).
I was able to launch ZoneAlarm manually from a dos box (managed to launch it from the task manager which fortunately popped up when I hit <ctr><alt><del&gt and I "de-selected" the "launch at startup option. When I rebooted the machine, everything worked okay.
When I again tried to manually launch ZoneAlarm, I got another error message "True Vector Service Encountered A Problem", but the zonealarm window itself never appeared (although vsmon.exe was visable in the task manager).

I've currently gone back to the Window firewall, but I'd like to get zonealarm running again.
can anyone shed some insight?

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:5.x