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Thread: COH application and smss.exe

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    anchor Guest

    Default COH application and smss.exe

    Getting these warning and I always deny......
    I get the message that COH application is trying to open the process of .................(don't remember the path, system 32?) smss.exewiki says smss.exe is part of windows NT used by XP (which I have) among other OS's.
    But I cannot figure out what COH application is.I have XPSP2, Norton AV and ZA Pro.Thanks!

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    tasman Guest

    Default Re: COH application and smss.exe

    COH is part of your Norton AV. I have it set with all question marks in program control and have never been asked to open a process. You could deny it and see if Norton works and if not you can go to the program control and give it check marks under access.

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