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Thread: Need help with Asus warning message !

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    morph Guest

    Default Need help with Asus warning message !

    Running latest ZA Security Suite with XP SP2 and keep getting "Asus control center application is trying to launch c:\windows\system32\ntvdm.exe, or use another program to gain access to privileges resources" every time I log in. I've checked always allow this, I've tried changing privilege level etc but I still keep getting this error. Anyone know why ?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    chamath Guest

    Default Re: Need help with Asus warning message !


    ntvdm.exe is a process file. This file helps 16-bit applications to execute on a 32-bit platform. So if you ask why does the asus control center asks to launch ntvdm.exe, then I think the asus control center is a 16-bit application.
    (BECAUSE Windows XP is a 32-bit platform.)

    ntvdm.exe is 100% harmless because it was developed by Microsoft. I mean ntvdm.exe is not a process of asus, but a part of windows.

    The program, Asus control center may have been added to the trusted list in SmartDefense. Open ZoneAlarm, click Program Control Tab and make sure SmartDefense advisor is set to "Auto"

    But if you still display this alert and you do not want to display this alert in the future, click "Apply this setting to all suspicious behaviors exhibited by this application" at the bottom of the alert and then click "Allow". (ONLY IF YOU TRUST THE PROGRAM CALLED "ASUS"!.) Doing this will allows all behaviors even if it tries to log keystrokes!

    If you are unsure, update your ZA Antivirus and antspyware and run a full system virus/spyware scanner.

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    morph Guest

    Default Re: Need help with Asus warning message !

    Thanks, but it hasn't really fixed anything. I don't question the legitimacy of Ntvdm, but can't see why I'm constantly prompted to allow Center.exe (the Asus program) to launch ntvdm.I've tried Auto, custom, super-privileges etc for it, but it hasn't helped.What I want is for ZA to HOLD the setting of 'always allow this application..' etc when I check the box that says to do that !!
    Anyone else got any ideas on this sort of behaviour by ZA ?

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    chamath Guest

    Default Re: Need help with Asus warning message !

    Sorry, I could not see your reply because you have posted after about 20 days. Okay, if you still have that problem,

    Go to the program control panel and delete the center.exe by right clicking and by selecting "Remove".

    Even if doing that did not solve the problem, you will need to perform a clean uninstall and re-install of ZoneAlarm Security Suite. (Instructions)

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