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Thread: Why is my port 28594 getting hammered?

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    parsnipnose Guest

    Default Why is my port 28594 getting hammered?

    ZASS 7.0.302.000WIN XP PRO
    OK, this is odd.
    Last time I looked at my logs my firewall alerts were 0.
    I think this is mainly because I also have a firewall router which blocks incoming nasties before they reach ZA.
    My ISP IP is something like
    My internal LAN IP addresses start at
    I am getting
    hundreds of
    blocked intrusions from different source DNS and source IP addresses every minute.
    The strange thing is it's just one machine on the LAN being hammered, and the destination IP is, which of course is not my actual IP address.
    I logged in to my router and changed the IP address for this one computer to and according to ZASS the original xxx IP is still getting hammered, even though it's no longer the IP of this box?!?!
    I switched off all other PC's on the LAN, I removed everything from startup apart from MS services and ZASS.
    Made sure no P2P proggies were running.
    In fact only ZASS is running.
    So, what could be doing this, and how is it hammering an internal LAN IP address and not the external ISP IP.
    What can I do about it?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    parsnipnose Guest

    Default Re: Why is my port 28594 getting hammered? - solution (kind of)

    I seem to have resolved this problem myself, but am not too sure why it worked, or what was the cause, but am posting my solution anyway in case anyone else has the same thing happen.
    I ran a virus and spyware check overnight and nothing suspicious was revealed.
    Just a few cookies and some bits and pieces in an old storage folder migrated from an old pc.
    Deleted those files and still the hammering continued.
    Then I realized my router was still showing my old .202 IP address for this pc because I hadn't renewed the IP after changing it in the router control panel.
    So, I renewed the IP, hit refresh in my router "devices connected", and my PC was now shown as 242.
    The hammering immediately stopped.
    I have no clue why an internal LAN IP could have been hammered by something, especially when I turned off all other LAN computers, but this problem (if it was one) seems to have gone away.

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