Just upgraded to the 7.0.338.0 version Good thing too, because there was a trojan downloader and a keylogger on my machine that the previous version let get on
my XP Home sp2 box.
I removed the malware and have been watching things very closely. I am concerned because the AV log records
4 errors on boot sector, "failed to scan files or folders"
There are several other files that show errors also, "Invalid parameter"
The scan completes and says no virus found.
I get clean scans on two online scanners and also with the free AVG but I am concerned that ZA is unable to scan my boot sector. Is this an error that has been resolved, or did ZA just fail to scan and skip over it?
I also ran the RootKit Revealer and looks ok. I think a couple programs got broken by the virus, but I'm still not sure if this box got hosed completely or not.
Also I noticed I get a lot of High rated alerts in the OS Firewall log, more than before the upgrade. Is this a function of the upgraded ZA ?
Thanks very much for any advice.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:7.0