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    (This topic has been raised before by others, but none of the suggestions have been successful for me. I would have posted a reply rather than a new message, but the "reply" function on this forum has not been working.) Before and after my subscription to ZA Pro (on my Windows XP Home system) expired, I got pop-up reminders that my subscription was about to (or did) expire. There are buttons on that screen to "renew" and to "remind me later", but there appears to be no way of making these annoying reminders go away. Someone suggested renewing; that will make the reminders go away! Yeah, but I don't want to renew. (In fact, I tried installing the latest upgrade, but all efforts failed, even after reading the comments and suggestions in these forums.) Someone suggested setting "Check for Updates" on ZA's "Preferences" screen to "Manual". But mine has been set to "Manual" all along. Someone suggested waiting; the message will eventually go away. (One person said 30-60 days.) Nope. Hasn't worked for me. I sent a question about this to technical support. No response. What are the options? I am not going to buy a subscription again (partly because I don't need it, and partly now because I don't like the way CheckPoint seems to be treating its customers), so maybe I should just uninstall the whole thing and then install the free version. Has anyone tried that?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:6.5
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Hi!ZA forum recently seems not web browser friendly if you use any browser other than IE6/7If you are so bored by the nag screen and the workaround in the forum didn't work then why not uninstalling ZA? There is no use of keeping an non functional ZA.Install ZAfree 6.5 (not 7) and you will be free of nag screen.... remember to remove ZA using the /rmlicense switch to kill your old license.See here:,Fax

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