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Thread: Sloww Boot up, and VERY SLOW shutdown

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    teflon Guest

    Default Sloww Boot up, and VERY SLOW shutdown

    Since installing Zone Alarm Anti Virus, my Windows boot time has increased to 3.5 minutes, and shut down time to anywhere from 5 minute to forever! If I close ZA before shutting down, shut down takes 40 seconds.

    I was previously using Norton personal firewall, which has a reputation as a resource hog, however it was never as bad as this. I have uninstalled Norton, and checked for any remnants, and am confident that there is nothing remaining to clash with ZA, hence my plea here.

    Is this a known "side effect" of ZA, or is there something amiss with my system?

    Many thanks

    PS:- running XP Pro (fully patched) with no other security type software.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Sloww Boot up, and VERY SLOW shutdown

    Yes, start-up and closing with ZA will be noticeable slower; the price of good security, normal. ZA's various security layers/modules are &quot;watching&quot; everything that starts up or is closing down. If you look at ZA program control, where else can you fine such precise attention to each and every software program and service; and allows you - such fine tunning in a full featured firewall. With Norton and most others, you will 'blindly' accept the firewall's each and every decision; your judgement and input is not considered or configureable - set it and forget it = it set's it and you are forgotton.<hr>Other things to consider - .<hr>I guess I'll repeat, I hope you used the Norton Tool -
    .<hr>Your have a firewall, you have anti-virus, how about some anti-spyware? Please consider 'some' anti-spyware - please look at this - From the spywarewarrior -click here &gt;

    = here you can find a small list of real trustworthy security software to use - USE THESE ONLY; and nothing else that sounds like the 200+ rogue/suspect anti-spyware products listed. The better ones are paid, but you can can get some for free- versions; at the very least get some free versions.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 7-8-07 - Mama Told Me (Not To Come) - Three Dog Night

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Sloww Boot up, and VERY SLOW shutdown - ZA Suite 7.0.362

    Thanks to cwallen, for this -<hr>&quot;I had problems with the Security Suite version 7.0.363.000.
    It took forever for Windows XP to shut down.
    This from ZA tech support:
    &quot;Thank you for contacting Zone Labs Technical Service.

    Please open up ZoneAlarm.
    Click on antivirus and then advanced.
    on access scanning and take the checkmark out.
    Now click okay and test.&quot;
    works like a charm.&quot;<hr>What you can do, before shutdown for the night - follow the above instructions - for shutting down 'on-access anti-virus scanning' and remember to 'check -on &quot;on-access anti-virus scanning&quot; for the new day of surfing - you don't lose any security protection.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 7-19-07 - Easy - The Commodores

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    teflon Guest

    Default Re: Sloww Boot up, and VERY SLOW shutdown - ZA Suite 7.0.362

    I'll give that a go - many thanks for the advice - much appreciated.


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