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Thread: Smart Defense Advisor not working

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    ruthie Guest

    Default Smart Defense Advisor not working

    I'm using ZAP on WinXPSP2.
    A simple firewall is my preference.
    Lately, when I click on MoreInfo inside the Alert popup, I get the page with an error. "Sorry, Smart Defense Advisor is unable to service your request at this time."
    Is the website down, or has this service been dropped?
    I've tried resetting the Data Base.
    I'd appreciate your feedback.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:5.x
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Smart Defense Advisor not working

    What browser are you using? It failed for me as well.
    By way of experiment, could you try this link please. It's for specific LinkScanner module which I just set to "?" in order to trigger the alert.;tab=overview

    I use ZASS 6.1. I've made lots of changes to my computer since last use of Smart Advisor so I don't know which part failed, but it did. I tried the LinkScanner trigger, it didn't work. I use Opera.
    Then I just opened IE and didn't really use it. Clicking Smart Advisor activated Opera and took me immediately to the above link.

    As you see I have no answer but just a hunch that browsers other than IE might not work now for some reason. Of course if you answer that you use IE, then it'll be a different story.

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    Dec 2005

    Default Re: Smart Defense Advisor not working

    Do a clean unisntall an duse the ZAPro 5.5094.000 instead of the 5.1 (less bugs, runs smooth as silk, and has the same features= no antispy scanner or additional "bloat")

    Download from here>

    or check out the release page of the ZA Pro versions to see the differences.

    I use the ZA Pro versiion 5.5 myself. It was my first paid ZA and still is my favorite of all the paid versions.

    Oh yes , how to do the clean unintstall method:

    BUT I add this to the Zone Alarm inf:

    "Open the Zone Alarm and disable the "Load Zone Alarm .. at startup" in the Preferences of the Overview. Then reboot."

    Because if the ZA is still running when the uninstall is attempted, it can cause problems . So stopping the ZA completely first is the first step and then next do the uninstallation.



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    Best regards.

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    ruthie Guest

    Default Re: Smart Defense Advisor not working

    Thanks for the advice.
    So far, I've reset the Database, no joy.
    Today, I did a clean uninstall and re-installed, no joy.
    I'm getting the Advisor when I get Program Alerts, most of the time.
    Not always.
    Still no luck with Firewall Alerts.
    When I click More Info, all I get is the page/etc.
    The message is "Sorry, Smart Defense Advisor cannot service your request at this time."
    I think I'm ready to try the 5.5.094.
    I must have gotten a corrupted download.
    I'll let you all know the results.
    Thanks again,

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    Dec 2005

    Default Re: Smart Defense Advisor not working

    Some further ideas...

    is the IE set as the default browser?

    is there another security application with cookie or spy site blocking or ad blocking or or some form of internet filtering (such as by the AV or AS)?

    Best regards.

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    ruthie Guest

    Default Re: Smart Defense Advisor not working

    Hello again, Oldsod,
    IE is set as the Default browser.
    No other security or privacy programs run in the background.
    I have always used ZAP for managing Cookies, Ad and
    Popup blocking and Mobile Code control.
    I always allow everything on the ZA website and Smart Defense Advisor pages, also.
    I checked IE privacy and security settings, and they're all unchanged.
    There's nothing in the Hosts file.
    EZTrust AV doesn't have any security settings.
    I did disable it before I installed.

    I must have gotten a bad download.
    It wouldn't be the first time that's happened with XP.
    I'm beginning to get nostalgic about my good old 98SE again.
    Never had this kind of trouble with it.
    Thanks again for the help.

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    ruthie Guest

    Default Re: Smart Defense Advisor not working

    Thanks for the reply.
    I'm using IE6Sp1.
    Smart Defense Advisor is still not working for Internet Alerts.
    It does work for most Program Alerts.
    It won't go to the fwalerts site, except to show that error page, sorry, and all that.
    It did work with that link you posted, even the Hacker ID.
    I let my subscription run out when I used 98SE, and stayed with 4.5.594 for a couple years.
    I'm using XPSP2 now, so I bought a new subscription and downloaded the 5.1.033 last week.
    I overinstalled it, and it went smoothly, except that the fwalerts page gives the error page instead of the Advisor. I was getting everything but Hacker ID with the 4x version, after the subscription ran out.
    XP has me a bit antsy, with so many requests to access the internet, and I'd really like to have that Smart Defense Advisor for a while, to see where they connect to.
    Then I'll probably turn alerts off like I did with the other one.
    If it's not working for you either, I guess the site is just having problems, lots, apparently.
    Thanks again.

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