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Thread: Vsmon.exe Problem

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    morey Guest

    Default Vsmon.exe Problem

    While Zone Alarm was scanning for virusses, I got the following screens:

    and Zone Alarm stopped with this screen:

    What has happened?

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Vsmon.exe Problem


    Very possible the A0002084.exe in the system rstore is a virus. Coulld be bad.

    Do this:

    First, Disable the System Restore of the PC (disable it in the system restore of the Properties of the C\ harddrive). Then shut off the PC. Then start again but enter the Safe Mode (keep tapping the F8 key at the startup or the manufactures screen or the BIOS screen).

    Then select safe mode in the menu and hit Enter,
    Skip the options to use system restore.

    Now scan the PC. All scanners work better in the safe mode and now the system restore is disabled, so it is no longer "locked" by the windows OS. Now it will find that virus and easily remove it for you. Make sure it gets deleted by the ZA.

    After that restart again, but back in the normal mode or the usual manner. Now scan the PC once again.

    This should fix the problem for you.

    Best regards.

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    morey Guest

    Default Re: Vsmon.exe Problem


    At the same time that happened my keyboard was also disabled.
    I suspected that Clipmate 7.2 may have been interfering in some way with the virus scan.
    Thus, I disabled Clipmate and my keyboard was restored to normal function. I brought this possible problem to the attention of the Clipmate Forum.

    Then I re-scanned my PC in normal mode with Zone Alarm and no virus was detected.

    Finally, about 6 weeks ago Zone Alarm did detect a virus in my System Restore area.
    It later turned out to be a False Positive as confirmed by Kaspersky.
    Unfortunately, I had deleted those "suspected" viruses.
    One of your gurus here told me how to disable System Restore totally.
    Then I started it up again and now have a fresh System Restore set of files.

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    Default Re: Vsmon.exe Problem


    Turn off the clip mate and remove a mention of it's components in the ZA Programs in the Program Control. Then put the Program Control slider to Medium. In the Main Program Control panel, open the Custom button and make sure that all are selected in the Program Control tab. And in the OSFireWall tab, make sure the program startups is set to ASK. Also, put the SmartDefense Advisor slider to Off.

    In the Alerts and Logs section of the ZA, select the High for the Alert Event Shown. Then open the Advanced button and use the select all in the Alert Events and OK it.

    Now turn off the PC. Wait a full minute. Start the PC. The ZA triple defense firewall is now learning for you. It should self configure. Now open the clipmate and use it. Any ZA alerts should be all OK'ed and use Always.
    Open the ZA Program listing and for each of the clip mate's items, right click and open the Options. Check the Allow Program Interaction and the Authenticate Program by File Path only. Give them three green bars or the Super.

    Click the Add button of the Programs listing in the Program Control. Using the explorer, make sure that each and every .exe found in the Clip Mates Program folder is included and treated with the Super and the selections found in the right click's Option menu.

    Maybe this will help with the ZA, but the actual AV scanner is a different story, since it is a seperate entity. I do not use the ZAISS, but if the scanner finds something, keep it in quarentine, and wait for a few AV definition updates to happen and then rescan once again. Check the files and if they seem to be false positives, then release them and rescan. if they are detected once again with the latest definition updates, then I would suspect these to be genuine infections. But if they are not detected with the latest definitions, then they were definitely false positives.

    The Ksspersky scanner is noted for making some false positives and again for fast, quick updates to fix those false positives.

    Best regards,

    Best regards.

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