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Thread: Svchost.exe blocked

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    bzooow Guest

    Default Svchost.exe blocked

    I am getting svchost.exe blocked program logs in ZA v7. Not that unusual but the source IP is my gateway and I get 11 logged blocks, each incrementing the IP port number by one and this happens regularly every two minutes. I think it may have started with the installation of a Maxtor Shared storage NAS device but I am not certain. This has been going on for some days now, starts as soon as my pc is turned on. I am up to port 2927 as I speak so I guess it will go to 65535 - not sure what will happen then but I don't really want to wait and find out.Any help appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Svchost.exe blocked

    In Program control allow svchost.exe (Generic host process) access to be a server in the Trusted zone only. Three checks from the left: access-Trusted and internet, server-Trusted.

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    woomera Guest

    Default Re: Svchost.exe blocked

    Many thanks. I noted your reply to a similar inquiry.That was my original thought , nice to have it confirmed!
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    cheeto Guest

    Default Re: Svchost.exe blocked

    why shouldn't you check all 4?

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    zaswing Guest

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    cheeto, I check three because I have to, otherwise I'd check one or two at most. I don't check four because I don't want my computer hacked. I don't want my computer to be a server sending my tax return or addresses to the criminals (in case some hijacker gets in to do just that).

    Generic Host process (svchost) does need to be allowed to be a server in the trusted zone (the areas on the Zones tab - your gateway, router, localhost, computers on your LAN), but no way on the internet, with the exception of infrequent VPN.

    I don't do p2p or file sharing over the internet or instant messaging. They may need a 4th check.

    ZA Help file advises that very few programs ever need to act as a server. And if you read the posts here, so does every GURU.

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    Default Re: Svchost.exe blocked

    It is important to list not only some ports, but the IPs involved and the ports from the other location. Kind of hard to make guesses without some indication of the other IP and other port(s) used.

    You may well be blocking off your NAS and not know it. It may have reduced functionality or reduced access.

    Also with the NAS there is usually the explorer.exe and a few other are processes involved. It may well be the svchost.exe first got blocked off and any further processes never got started or even had a chance.

    But some general advice is have both the router and the NAS IPs listed as Trusted in the Zones of the Firewall of the ZA.

    Best regards.

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