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Thread: IE7 is attempting to monitor user activities?

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    kostas Guest

    Default IE7 is attempting to monitor user activities?

    Following the installation of Microsoft security downloads I received a message from ZAPro 7 that Internet Explorer 7 was trying to monitor my key board strokes?

    I was not very happy about this so denied access.

    I later found that when browsing the web that if I clicked on a PDF document IE7 closed down? And further that if I clicked on an e-mail address I received the message that my default mail client was incorrectly installed?
    I did not associate this with ZA.

    This caused me no end of bother and was eventually solved by reinstalling my C drive from an Acronis backup.
    I then had to bring this drive up to date with software not on the backup and eventually everything worked fine again.

    Then some more security updates from Microsoft were loaded and the same problem occurred.
    I sort some advice from another forum and was eventually pointed to a thread on this forum where people were commenting about the monitoring of keyboard strokes messages received from ZA.
    In one of these messages someone mentioned that they could not get access to there pension information files after denying access to keyboard monitoring?

    I tried an experiment,

    When keyboard logging was denied I could not download PDF documents or open e-mail addresses

    With keyboard logging allowed there was no problem

    I appreciate that I have been a bit long winded about this but I thought it was well worth making forum members aware of the problems that will arise if keyboard logging is not allowed in ZA while using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

    Hope this is some help

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    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: IE7 is attempting to monitor user activities?

    "This is normal. The ZA was just alerting you of what the IE was doing. The IE will access the memory and the keyboard for various things such as Windows Updates or certain site activities. These can be allowed if you wish.

    To eliminate these alerts, you could right click the Internet Explorer in the Program listing and open the Options. Check the first two items listed and the alerts should disappear. The IE will be more of a security risk now, but it will have no more alerts concerning the keylogger..."
    Oldsod<hr>As a general theory,
    a pc will track and record everything you do. IE will have a &quot;history&quot; log of places you visit - you can adjust that to a degree, there's auto-fill/auto-complete
    that can keep and track/auto-fill your most often used info., there's a track of some of your keyword searches, etc. , if you've ever gotten &quot;send error report to Microsoft&quot; something had to be recorded,tracked,logged. ZA was doing it's job reporting possible suspicious behavior and IE/Microsoft was doing what it normally does in a pc.<hr>Additional notes: You can set IE - to three green bars- super trust level &gt; Access - two green checks &gt; the rest &quot; ? &quot; = adjust to your taste. The Internet Explorer warning sometimes comes after IE is upgraded or changed/improved with their Microsoft Updates(Microsoft recently had one, and is planning future improvements in IE security); or when you've upgraded ZA versions, even small upgrades.<hr>Actually, you should &quot;allow' when ZA gives you that alert. If you read the alert carefully, it does not say that ZA found a 'keylogger' in Microsoft/InternetExplorer - it says the activities could monitor/log keystrokes and may interfere with privacy(some words to that effect); Microsoft has not put a 'keylogger'= the malware, on your pc or is using one on &quot;you&quot;. If click 'deny' on that alert IE/Microsoft will probably stop working properly. See -
    <hr>NaiveMelody NYC 9-1-07 - Why Can't We Live Together - Timmy Thomas

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    kostas Guest

    Default Re: IE7 is attempting to monitor user activities?

    Thank You NaiveMelody and OldSod for your helpful comments?

    However what I was trying to point out are the consequences if you tell ZA to deny keyboard logging or words to that affect, as some previous correspondents have suggested as a solution to this problem.

    If they do, very likely IE 7 will then close down when clicking on a PDF download or clicking on an e-mail address, and the person concerned may not be aware that this was caused by telling ZA to deny keyboard logging.
    As happened with me

    Woops, Sorry I missed your last point

    See -

    This does mention that IE7 will not work correctly if keyboard logging is denied

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    spm Guest

    Default Re: IE7 is attempting to monitor user activities?

    Hi, kostas ... NaiveMelody gave an excellent response and I would like to add just a little bit.
    There are legitimate reasons that a good and trusted software program might monitor your keystrokes. Usually, it will be looking for certain key combinations. Macro programs do this. A friend works online as tech support and he uses a macro program that watches his keystrokes and when he types certain keystroke combinations, it writes out all the text associated with that particular keystroke combination. Yes, it is 'logging his keystrokes' (in a buffer), but he wants it to do so ...
    A keystroke logger or monitor is not _always_ a hacker or trojan ... but it can be and it is good for all of us to find out how to tell which is which ... this is one reason why I do not use Auto Complete for URLs, forms, searches, etc., in my browser. I don't want to invite it to watch my keystrokes so it can helpfully complete them for me ...


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    kostas Guest

    Default Re: IE7 is attempting to monitor user activities?

    Thanks SPM?

    I do appreciate a warning that keyboard logging is taking place is most important especially where some malicious software is involved

    I also agree with everything that you and the others have said, however the problem was that although I have been using ZA for some years now, this was the first time ever that a pop up had occurred mentioning keyboard logging involving Win Int Ex?
    It would have been useful if this had then taken you to a link giving a more friendly explanation and perhaps mentioning that denying access may cause a friendly piece of software to work incorrectly

    So something had changed somewhere, I do not know if it is ZA or Win Int Ex and I think that in general where Viruses and Trojans etc are involved or seem to be involved it is usually better to deny access?
    As far as I am aware Int Ex has been doing all of the key board logging things all ready mentioned for some years and ZA has never raised this as an issue?

    That said in this particular case there was a down side in that some parts of Win Int Ex would not then function correctly.
    (When you try to download a PDF document or click on an e-mail address to open outlook.)

    The trouble is that by the time you realize that there is a problem with Win Int Ex you forget that denying access to keyboard logging via ZA may have caused the problem.

    So the point of this thread as far as I was concerned, was if someone had the same problem as I have had, it might point them
    in the right direction towards solving it

    I must say that I really appreciate the interest and time that you have all taken with this.


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    Default Re: IE7 is attempting to monitor user activities?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><HR>kostas wrote:

    So something had changed somewhere, I do not know if it is ZA or Win Int Ex and I think that in general where Viruses and Trojans etc are involved or seem to be involved it is usually better to deny access?
    Hi!everytime IE7 is updated by MS monthly patches you are likely to get this warnings.The executable is changed and MD5 key does not correspond anymore to the one you have in the ZA program list thus ZA will warn youabout it.The central dabatase of ZA where known good and known bad files are stored is continually updated but not instantly and it may take time. If you update windows as soon as patches are available the probability to getawarning from ZA from an unknown executable is very high. If you installpatches much later than released then the chance that the executable has been added to the white list is higher. Please note that this only works if you do not turnOFF the smartdefence advisor but keep it onAUTO. If Smartdefence is set to OFF you will be warned in any case.If you get a ZA/IE7 warning just after a MS patch than youknow what it was.... :8}If you have a version of ZA with Antivirus/antispyware installed, updated and active than the chance of having a virus is minimalbut still possible.It is generally better to get a warning from a suspicious behaviour than getting nothing. Unfortunately, the interface cannot distingish between a legit and not legit action.... not really possible.If you don't like to be warned by ZA, go to the ZA program control tab --&gt; Programs tab --&gt;Right click on IE7 --&gt; Select "options" --&gt; and tick on "Authenticate program by full path name only".Hope this helps.Cheers,Fax

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