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Thread: VSMON.exe 0x7c901010 error Cant write to memory

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    ddh Guest

    Default VSMON.exe 0x7c901010 error Cant write to memory

    Hey guys, i have searcht the forum on this same error, but none got the awnser i need, just cause i'm not running a scan.

    I'm just downloading, with newsreactor ( usenet )
    and i go watch some tv ( downstairs ), when i get back upstairs to check for my downloads, i see this 0x7c901010 vsmon error, popping up the whole time!

    this stops the download, and all other traffic.

    i got this for a cople times a days, or not at all..
    makes me kinda crazy..

    u guys got an idea? how to solve this

    Windows xp Pro SP 2 full updated
    zonealarm security suite 7

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    cityrover Guest

    Default Re: VSMON.exe 0x7c901010 error Cant write to memory

    Hi,I get the same error number 0x7c901010 also0x01c649cc whilst doing afull scan.A yellow cross on a Red background tells me to close down the system.Is this a ZA fault or my PC?

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    Default Re: VSMON.exe 0x7c901010 error Cant write to memory

    Hi!try to scan your system in safe mode.Bootup in SAFE MODE, open manually ZA, go to the antivirus/antipsyware tab and run the scan (push on "scan now")If in SAFE MODE it works than its most likely a conflict with another application running in normal mode (often other security tools).If in SAFE MODE you get the same error, you have two options:1. Try to update your ZAAV, ZASS to the latest version (7.0.408.000)2. Try to reset your ZA database (you will loose all your ZA custom setting). vsmon crash can happen if your ZA database is corrupted. See here:,Fax

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