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Thread: Opening ports and permissions for Windows Update

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    dimi Guest

    Default Opening ports and permissions for Windows Update

    i am running Vista Business and have had no problems with Windows Update until today. one update would not install and the error code says i must list the windows update websites as firewall exceptions and I must allow WU to access ports 80 and 443. I read the help files and it did not say how to do this and I explored the program options and could not find anything except expert firewall rules. If the expert rules are the answer, I certainly don't know how to craft them.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Business
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Opening ports and permissions for Windows Update

    Expert rules might be an answer, only if you already have the updater allowed. But likely there's a simpler solution.

    Add the M$ update sites to the trusted list in IE.
    Add the updating application to ZA, or, if it's likely there already, just give it a bit more permissions in the Programs list - internet access is needed.

    What exact error number you got? Microsoft, these days, gives you hyperlinks to see how to fix the problem. Is that where you got the two ports suggested?

    I don't know about firewall exceptions. But if that's what they want, well, turn on ZA alerts, read off the exact MS$ site name and IP address and add to the trusted zone. But I wouldn't leave it there forever

    Disclaimer: I don't have Vista, and I use ZASS v6.

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    dimi Guest

    Default Re: Opening ports and permissions for Windows Update

    i foolishly did not write down the error because i thought I could reproduce it easily and have not been able to. next time it happens i will report it. How do you add the firewall exception you mentioned?

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    Default Re: Opening ports and permissions for Windows Update

    There is no real need to open ports in the Zone Alarm firewall to obtain windows updates.
    More than likely something is missing in the application listing (such as wupdate or others) or there is a needed service disabled. Or perhaps the IE does not have sufficent permissions for accesses or servers for the updating event.

    Best regards.

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