OK this is a weird one that I could not see anywhere in the forum

I am getting a ZoneAlarm alert when I startup my computer

It asks me if I want to allow System Mechanic (SMSYSTEMANALYZER.EXE) to terminate the ZoneAlarm Uninstall (ZAUNINST.EXE), which I allow (I don't want ZA uninstalled)
- the message appears in the OS Firewall logs as Type=Process, SubType=TerminateProcess Data=zauninst.exe Program=smsystemanalyzer.exe

I am not running the uninstall, so I am wondering if the ZAUNINST.EXE runs automatically for some reason (but does nothing), or if I have some virus/trojan that is trying to uninstall it for devious reasons

I have done full scans with ZA virus & spyware, and with Adware and Spybot - nothing found

Windows XP Pro sp2 - all the latest updates
ZA Security Suite 7.0.337
TrueVector 7.0.337
AntiVirus engine v3 DAT 20071011025000
AntiSpyware engine DAT 200710.2585
IOLO System Mechanic 7.1.12

Operating System: Windows XP Pro
Software Version: 7.0
Product Name: ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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