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Thread: Many many attempts at the same port

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    pelicanstuff Guest

    Default Many many attempts at the same port

    Hello - an IP based in spain: ( as DNS) is giving me a ridiculous number of TCP packets on port 38973. The originating ports on his system all vary between 50000-65000 (pretty big range) so I'm having problems working out why this is
    happening. I
    sometimes run microtorrent/utorrent/mutorrent/whatever it's called this week, but have not been for acouple of
    Is it plausible that it might be someone else's torrent client screwing up, as this seems to be roughly in the range of ports some of them use, or does anyone have any other explanations. I'd like it to stop, not quite
    at DOS levels but
    quite annoying, and also odd that it makes it through my router.
    Thanks to anyone who can help....

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    wstern Guest

    Default Re: Many many attempts at the same port


    If you are using torrent, you have exposed your PC to incredibly dangerous downloads (typically trojan horses)
    that contain viruses and rootkits. This "excess baggage" comes hidden inside of software that is desireable,
    and often downloaded for free (such as keygens or cracked software). The user thinks they are getting expensive
    software license keys for free, but what they don't know is that there is a high price to pay for such downloads.
    Usually they come with rootkits and viruses.

    Your PC may be infected with this kind of malware. You may wish to consider a clean rebuild of your PC,
    followed by reinstalling Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite, and then practice safe browsing habbits.

    Good Luck.


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    pelicanstuff Guest

    Default Re: Many many attempts at the same port

    I appreciate your view of torrents, however I use them relatively carefully. I'm always up to date with antivirus/spyware and use
    a HIPS, which I
    should leave me ok (I hope)
    in terms of my own machine. Nothing is trying to get out, either, which is a good sign. These single TCP packets I'm getting constantly
    seem a little unusual though. Suspect now that the machine at the other end may be the compromised one as appears to be acting like a server - either that or it has a torrent client that doesn't understand that mine isn't running.
    Am having an interesting time as well trying to get nod32 imon and ZA to accept each other...

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    mynamedidntwork Guest

    Default Re: Many many attempts at the same port

    im having the same issue. im also very carefull about what i download. im also dual booting and have never ran any torrent program or alike under my vista partition but im getting like 5 hits per second on my vista partition. it has continued for about 15 minutes now and hasnt slowed down.

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    Default Re: Many many attempts at the same port


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