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Thread: Cannot reboot after uninstalling/reinstalling ZoneAlarm

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    Default Cannot reboot after uninstalling/reinstalling ZoneAlarm

    Recently I started getting a message from zonealarm (free version) flashing on the screen every minute. Its only on the screen for a second. Managed to capture a screenshot of it and it reads "Please stand by... ZoneAlarm is initializing. This window will close once ZoneAlarm initializes. You may click Cancel to shut down ZoneAlarm". Obviously there is no time to click cancel, and zonealarm never completely loads, it does not appear in the system tray, however the zlclient.exe is listed as a running process. Clicking on the zonealarm icon in the program list has no visible effect. It is blocking all access to my LAN and at times prevents my browser etc from accessing the internet. I've tried both uninstalling and reinstalling zonealarm however windows (xp, sp2) will not load after doing this - it freezes on the screen with the windows logo with the blue status bar cycling forever. I can boot in safe mode but have to do a system restore back to a time before uninstalling the faulty zonealarm to get windows to boot normally.

    The only time I can access my network is to run the zonealarm installer and leave it at the part where it gives the options to trial the full version or use the free one. I recently installed windows defender, but I'm not sure whether this caused the issue.

    Have had no luck fixing this problem, just going round in circles because of the system restores. Hope someone can help resolve it.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    Default Re: Cannot reboot after uninstalling/reinstalling ZoneAlarm


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