use zonealarm from the first day i'm on internet (from 1998 to 2006),now i'm 1 year without firewall because i can't find a better firewall.One day i
boot my pc and i get this STRANGE Windows Xp-message popup:"you do not got the rights anymore to use this software".so i reboot my pc and my zaiss will not startup again,even my license of zaiss are ok and got
90 days to go with this zaiss license.I
tried to manuel starting zaiss with no reaction...After fiew hours of searching,i can't find anything wrong,so i did a *windows system restore*
and the next startup zaiss works again...but if i
shutdown or reboot the pc => same problem again.i'm the only user on this pc and i'm the admin...and the password protection was activated on zaiss...My Question:
Is there
someone who has got the same problem?because this was a very strange message never had this before...And was this an Windows xp problem(microsoft u know)
or zaiss problem(interactive i mean)?????
so i un nstalled my zaiss and walk to the shop for a new zaiss. And when i was installing the new zaiss
we got to register the new zaiss to get the
license key to update zaiss for the next
1,5year.That was the second problem i opend my mail of zaiss(easy computing)
and saw that the mail was empty *no license key* in it.i
did mail to the supports( in my case easy computing ).They sended
me back my old license key not a new,so spend 60euro(+-) for nothing because this old key was only a fiew days ok.Again mailing to easy computer for a new key and they don't answer me anymore....Now searching for a new firewall i'm thinking about
odomoc or eeyes (blink) or netveda....(freeware)

Operating System:
Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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