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Thread: Zone Alarm Alert window open?

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    imcicero Guest

    Default Zone Alarm Alert window open?

    Hello,This is difficult to explain,
    bear(sp) with me please.
    I got an alert for a new program trying to access the internet.
    Knowing what it was I allowed it.
    After that program was closed, there is still a Zone Alarm Alert
    on the task bar to the left of the running programs, like there is when there is a window open such as now, the Internet Explorer New Message is there because that is the window that is open while I'm typing this.

    When I hover the mouse over it it says Zone Alarm Security Alert.
    When I click or
    double-click or right-click it , nothing happens.

    Is this just stuck there from the new program alert?
    Or is there some way to see what this is?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    stonearm Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Alert window open?

    I am having this same problem.

    Every couple days (sometimes daily) I find that I have a (ghost?) ZoneAlarm "tab" in the taskbar.

    Right-clicking = no options or info.
    Left-clicking = no options, info or action...

    I think it goes away if I end ZoneAlarm in the process manager..
    It goes away if I restart my computer.

    This is annoying to have this thing just sitting there.
    (Not as annoying as ZoneAlarm's ebay behavior tho... :/

    Anybody else have this occuring?
    Anybody have a solution or explanation?

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    stonearm Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Alert window open?

    I may have asked before looking...

    After some searching, (in the ZoneAlarm forum searchbox: "taskbar&quot I found some other people have had/are having the same problem.

    This post

    suggests a solution that I am testing as of my last reboot 2 minutes ago. Hopefully this will fix the problem...
    I will report back (with good news, I hope) to maintain the continuity of "Problem/"

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    lroux Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Alert window open?

    Experiencing the same thing here.
    The Task manager shows no Application running, and it does not show as a Process, near as I can tell, so no way to kill it except killing ZoneAlarm and restarting it, or the computer.

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Alert window open?

    Hi,Welcome to the Forum!Anyone in this thread still having issues, if you are PLEASE post back and I will try my best in helping you, THANKS.SlyFox

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    stonearm Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Alert window open?

    I am back! ...To confirm that the before mentioned lil' fix seems to have worked for me.
    I think I did get one stuck taskbar alert tab since trying the "uncheck-the-startup-box, reboot, recheck-the-startup-box" fix....

    It's been two weeks since I changed(re-did?) that option and the stuck taskbar alert tab problem appears to be resolved.

    Thanks to Hoov for the suggestion/(fix?) HERE -> (Sorry, I'm not sure if/how to link...)

    And thanks to Slyfox for the followup.

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    stonearm Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Alert window open?

    Well, to be fair and honest...

    I have another stuck Zone Alarm alert tab today.
    It has become a much less frequent problem since the I did the "fix". BUT,
    I have another stuck Zone Alarm alert tab today.

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