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Thread: Zone Alarm upgrade

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    martin_rosen Guest

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    Thanks for the advice regarding spyware detection. I will try them (certainly the freeware at the moment!). I wonder why it kept giving you "bleep" ?

    The products that I mentioned do "find" spyware, so aren't they effective?



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    watcher Guest

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    Dear Martin_Rosen:

    Not according to PC World and PC Magazine. They can test with hundreds, if not thousands, of different samples of spyware on test machines to determine an antispyware utility's capability. That is something an individual user would find difficult, if not impossible to duplicate. You would need your own test lab and obtain the spyware examples. First and foremost, an antispyware utility should have good detection and removal capabilities. Everything else is secondary. Nowadays, you see many antispyware utilities that have very well designed GUIs but the underlying engine is not up to the task. Sure, they might find some types of spyware but how effective are they when compared with other antispyware utilities.

    The bottom line is that its your decision what brand and number of security software programs you use on your PC. First, decide on how valuable your data is that resides on it and what financial impact would occur if you could not use your PC because of a successful attack and the time, money, and effort that would be required to resolve that. Obviously, if you use your computer for online banking or other financial business, it should be more secure than a PC that is not. Then determine your budget for security.

    Hope this helps.


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    martin_rosen Guest

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    I downloaded both Superantispyware and ThreatFire today. I ran them both. Then I rang AdAware and found 3 more spyware. Maybe I should run everything ?

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    martin_rosen Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm upgrade

    I meant to ask. When I look at the ZASS main screen, in the top r/h corner there are four rectangles. The last one, which has something at the bottom (?!), flashes. Is there any significance in that?


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    naivemelody Guest

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    If your talking about ZA's program control page - then the four boxes are the first four programs that have become active during your connection to the net. You may see the first two boxes as 'square boxes with a blue top stripe = usually generic hosts, then next your ISP icon, etc. You can move your mouse cursor without clicking over the boxes - and it will tell you what it is. Sometimes, when a program is just connecting- it will flash/ blink for a while. All normal.<hr>{I have used Webroot Anti-spyware for the past two years with ZA Anti-spyware - works pretty well}<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 12-12-07 - You Spin Me 'Round (Like A Record) - Dead Or Alive

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