Whenever XP updates Explore.exe I have ALWAYS gotten an alert message saying the Explorer wants to talk with ctfmon (or some other process if I end the CTFMON process) and unless I am EXTREMELY lucky and fast within to click both in less than a 1/2 second the ability to click the "always allow" checkbox
and click the "allow" button is blocked -- it remains visibilty BUT I CANNOT CLICK on it - nor alt-tab to it, XP processes show that it is running, awaiting an answer BUT I CAN NEVER get to the dialog box
- it looses focus and you can NEVER get back to it - thus locking ALL applications until that box is answered - which means the ONLY recourse is to shutdown the system and TURN OFF ZA - course you have to be really fast to hit the preferences tab and uncheck the load at start (or go into Safemode and remove the registry entry, you cannot run ZA in safe mode).
What in ZA causes this problem that the alert box is blocked from being answered? This is true in V6 onwards - including the latest one I have installed last week.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite