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Thread: Why is every single program getting listed?

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    diverguy Guest

    Default Why is every single program getting listed?

    Geez,, Why does every single program get listed in this Trial version?

    Its more complicated than the firewalls on my unix boxes. Its worse than Norton Internet Security, and I thought THAT was bad.

    What does it mean when I get prompted that "ms messenger is trying to monitor user activity"? Isn't ms-messenger a STANDARD program? There is no help or explanation available. no suggestion. Just this nasty warning that sounds like dooms-day is approaching.

    I miss my version 6.5 ...

    Am I alone here? A firewall should be a firewall... Anti-virus should be anti-virus... If ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL we would just use the wretched Windows Firewall.

    I need some help getting this version 7 monster off my computer... I tried to deinstall it and put 6.5 back on.. and the computer locks up.... so it appears that CheckPoint has spiked the registry with something to prevent a downgrade...

    Nothing like wasting an entire two days on what should be a simple upgrade... did CheckPoint get bought by microsoft? It sure seems their version of ZA has become a bloated pig just like Windows.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    themole Guest

    Default Re: Why is every single program getting listed?

    Link to most recent *complete* uninstall instructions for ZA

    Good Luck

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    diverguy Guest

    Default Re: Why is every single program getting listed?


    This has been a very frustrating experience.

    I used to be a huge fan of ZA... but not after this experience. I'm certainly disappointed to be forced to install the whole package as a trial.. and even more disappointed to see how utterly hideous it is in its full glory.

    Best Regards,

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    themole Guest

    Default Re: Why is every single program getting listed?

    You are welcome.
    Your choice, but going with ZAP
    and getting a separate A/V might be better for you.
    Light on cpu resources, etc.
    I learned
    lesson many years ago having used another well known vendor with all the bells/whistles it had installed in the Security Suite. Way too many issues and very poor support, so i jumped ship and came to ZA using only PRO with my own A/V program.
    Never looked back again.
    Even the Tech Support here is Really Awesome, as they will answer to your help requests with-in two days or less during any week day.
    I believe Tech Support is off on weekends, but i could be wrong.
    It's your choice as what you would like to use, i made my choice and will stay with ZAP.
    Good Luck

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    diverguy Guest

    Default Re: Why is every single program getting listed?

    I didn't have a choice.. I was forced to install the entire Trial version in order to disable the IRC blocking...

    I could probably have spent another day and dumped copies of the registry to figure out which 'bit' was getting set to block IRC, (and in hindsight- I probably should have).. Unless you install the full TRIAL version, you can't use IRC.. and the full version is a PITA .. and I was forced to visit every panel in order to turn off all the things it should NOT be doing.

    I think the only thing it doesn't try to do is download free porn for me... and THAT would have been useful.

    I've used ZA for years, but this upgrade was a HUGE disappointment for me... I'll probably be looking elsewhere for a firewall that knows how to be a firewall and knows how to let anti-virus software be anti-virus software...

    I really don't understand the concept behind blocking IRC .. other than to force irc users to install the trial version .. for SALES REVENUE.

    because programs are blocked by default unless I authorize them... so why brute force block ALL of irc?

    Their sales department screwed the pooch on this one.. or their developers are simply idiots who can't think outside the box.

    Yea, I'm annoyed.. this cost me a day's pay jacking around with my personal computer ...


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    themole Guest

    Default Re: Why is every single program getting listed?

    Sorry, maybe i misunderstood you, but is this what you are looking for?

    Open ZA go to the IM security tab >advanced>un-check the Block IRC box

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    diverguy Guest

    Default Re: Why is every single program getting listed?

    I don't know if you misunderstood or not.. perhaps I just wasn't clear..

    I had 6.5 - nice clean small .. well behaved .. simple .. firewall .. did it's job nicely..

    Then I loaded a new XP-pro machine and thought.. what the heck.. why not install the latest...

    Thats where I went horribly wrong.. .. because the latest BLOCKS irc.. why? I can only guess its a sales gimick.

    So, I tried to de-install.. and go back to 6.5... but noooo.. it wouldn't let me.. and it just locked up the computer...

    So, i had to re-install version 7 and activate the TRIAL version... just to flip a single BIT to enable IRC... and to my HORROR I was bombarded with multiple CRYPTIC pop up windows that made no sense what so ever... telling me MS Messenger was trying to 'monitor user activity'.. what is that? It's a clean windows install.. is ZA telling me that microsoft wants to spy on me and log my keystrokes?

    Then we have all the extra fancy bits.. anti-spyware, anti-email, anti-virus,.. all i wanted was a simple firewall.. that would allow me to enable an irc client... what I got was a bloated piece of software that took hours to configure with more screens than SYMANTEC..

    so misunderstand? i dont know.. I want version 7-TRIAL - *GONE* .. and I want to IRC....

    It appears, from the help i'm getting.. that I have 3 choices..

    I) brute force version 7 off my computer and re-install version 6.5 and hope it works...
    II) Brute force version 7 off my computer and find a nice well behaved firewall that knows how to be just a firewall and not try to solve all the world's problems at once swatting.

    III) **bleep** it up like a big boy and learn to hate CheckPoint's Zone Alarm with the same passion that I've learned to hate Microsoft for regularly increasing my headaches with their bloated OS.

    Thanks for the help.. Best regards,


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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Why is every single program getting listed?

    Hello DiverGuy,
    1. What is preventing you from permitting IRC if you so insist on using it?
    2. What is preventing you from reading HELP on screen which says, and I quote

    "Chat and instant messaging programs (for example, AOL Instant Messenger) may require server permission in order to operate properly.

    To grant server permission to your chat program:

    Answer Allow to the Server Program alert caused by the program.
    Grant server permission to the program.
    See Granting a program permission to act as a server .

    We strongly recommend that you set your chat software to refuse file transfers without prompting first. File transfer within chat programs is a means to distribute malware such as worms, viruses, and Trojan horses. Refer to your chat software vendor's help files to learn how to configure your program for maximum security. If you are using ZoneAlarm Security Suite, set the IM Security level to High to block file transfers."

    3. What is preventing you from using the search button for IRC
    4. What is preventing you from reading this post where "monitor keystrokes" is so well described
    5. What is "other Zone Alarm product"?
    6. What is preventing you from posting the exact version you are using so that people here could try to help?

    I'm sorry you feel this way about ZA, since I think it shines in this landscape, but I suppose it's my weirdness. Still,I think you can fix your problems without too much difficulty when all is said and done. And attacking people here won't help. Checkpoint is not reading these posts. Just users.

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    diverguy Guest

    Default Re: Why is every single program getting listed?

    Now Zone Alarm is auto-blocking TheCleaner - my anti-spyware/trojan program.

    I TURNED ALL THAT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!


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