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Thread: Vista Suddenly Says No Firewall/AV Suite Installed

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    twobells Guest

    Default Vista Suddenly Says No Firewall/AV Suite Installed

    Last night I suddenly noticed that I had the vista security centre 'x' on my taskbar.When I clicked on it Vista told me that there was : 'no firewall active', which is odd as
    it usually shows :
    'Zone Alarm Security Suite Is Monitoring Your PC'.Same for Anti-Virus, I re-installed the ZA software after much mucking around and its still reporting it cannot find either AV software or a 3rd pary firewall 'which I monitor myself'.However, I DO get intrusion alerts.
    Please advise......


    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    bpreston Guest

    Default Re: Vista Suddenly Says No Firewall/AV Suite Installed

    Wish I had an answer. My problem is similar: I have the same warning, but it's in Norton AV 2007, which has an icon in the system tray with a red x saying no firewall is installed. Running XP Pro. ZA, Norton and XP are all updated regularly. Norton says uninstall ZA to fix it. So since you're having the same problem, either it's in a Windows update for both of us that can't find ZA, or a ZA update that has changed something so other programs don't recognize it.

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    dewdneys Guest

    Default Re: Vista Suddenly Says No Firewall/AV Suite Installed

    No answer yet I'm afraid...but similar problem:<blockquote>windows security alert thingy says Windows and ZoneAlarm firewalls are off!</blockquote>

    Didn't install any other software (as far as I know!) but was playing around with program control settings in ZA to try to deny internet access to various programs...

    As far as I can tell, TrueVector service is running so all should be fine.

    Not spotted anything anywhere else that helps with this error...suggestions anyone?

    (Tried rebooting, reinstalling etc etc)

    Running Vista Home Premium 32, ZoneAlarm 7.1.

    many thanks

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    dewdneys Guest

    Default Re: Vista Suddenly Says No Firewall/AV Suite Installed - solution

    A little more searching elsewhere in these forums found the following steps that I've added to and checked on my problem - it solved it! :8}
    Hope all works well for you...
    Before you start remember to disconnect from the internet and unplug from the network - for safety.
    1) Uncheck &quot;Load ZoneAlarm Security Suite at startup&quot; under Overview | Preferences

    Restart Windows
    2) Turned on the Windows firewall in the Windows Security Center (Control Panel | Security Center | Check Firewall Status | Select On radio button &amp; OK)
    At this point the Windows Security Alert red X came up again reporting that the Windows Firewall was off...clicked the Turn Firewall on option and ALERT went away (looking good!)
    3) Start ZoneAlarm client manually from programs...Checked &quot;Load ZoneAlarm Security Suite at startup&quot; again (Defender notes change to startup - good)

    Restarted Windows again
    According to the post I saw, &quot;On the second restart Windows Security Center reported that the &quot;ZoneAlarm Security Suite Firewall&quot; is currently on.&quot; - doesn't happen for me.

    (If windows doesn't automatically moan at you, try Control Panel | Security Center | Check Firewall Status ) - Windows notes that Windows firewall is off - hooray.
    And ZoneAlarm appears to be working - double hooray!!
    There you go...don't understand quite why uninstalling ZA, rebooting, reinstalling doesn't do the same thing though?!?

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